Soy Allergies Are Very Common in Infants and Children

Soy allergies in children are very common and they top the list of food allergies. Although these allergic reactions are quite mild in nature, it can sometimes turn out to be life threatening as well. This kind of a reaction is also termed as anaphylactic shock. The only remedy to such a problem would be to total avoidance of soy and soy-based products. Very often it has been noticed that the children tend to outgrow these soy allergies by the time they turn 3.

It has been observed that soy allergies in children are due to a problem in the immune system, where it views the soy protein as some harmful substance that needs to be eliminated from the body. Hence, the body produces antibodies in order to attack the soy protein and this causes an allergic reaction.

Sometimes the soy allergies in children could be mild and may result in a skin rash, swelling, or hives. However, in some rare cases it may lead to anaphylactic shock that may result in respiratory distress and even loss of consciousness. This could sometimes be life threatening and will require immediate medical care. If a child exhibits any of these symptoms after the consumption of soy products, then it is advisable to seek medical attention without any delay. Children develop these symptoms immediately after ingesting anything that contains soy protein.

Sometimes, the physician may suggest a skin test as well as a blood test to measure the levels of IgE antibodies to soy protein. Soy allergies in children can be controlled by switching from a soy-based formula to a milk protein based formula. In case your baby is being breast fed, then the mother will have to eliminate all traces of soy protein from the diet. Soups, sauces, vegetable broth, etc., contain soy as a base ingredient and hence it needs to be avoided totally.

In case your child is found to be allergic to soy, then your physician will give you a list of what you should do in case the child is accidentally exposed to soy in some form. The action plan is generally tailor made to suit specific situations.

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