Spain’s “Must See” Cities

Spain is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. When picturing Spain most people will envision a long sandy beach with waves caressing the shore line. No doubt the beaches are spectacular in Spain, but that is not all there is to enjoy in this culturally diverse area of the world.

Granada, Spain offers a wide variety of activities including taking a dip in the Mediterranean Sea, but that is not all. Granada is nestled at the foot of Spains highest mountain range, the Sierra Nevadas, which offers many winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. There are also many gardens through-out the city along with gypsies who can be found singing flamenco. You can tour the gypsies’ caves, where some still live and work. Granada also offers a variety of festivals and fiestas along with bullfights. It is a must see!

Pamplona is a medieval town in the northern area of Spain. The history of this small town is immense including the massive gothic cathedral that is considered one of Spains most important religious buildings. But the area is most famous for the running of the bulls that takes place yearly in the city; this however is not all that Pamplona has to offer. There are the great historical sites, such as the gothic cathedral and the walls that were built around the city in the 16th century when the area was considered a fortress.

Costa Brava is home to many resorts that offer a variety of activities for guests. Costa Brava was once a sought after spot for painters, poets and writers as it inspired the soul with its breathtaking scenery. Not only are there beautiful beach areas, but Costa Brava is nestled between the Pyrenees Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking for nightlife in this area you will have no trouble finding it in the center of Costa Brava in Lloret where clubs, casinos and bars abound.

Valencia, the third largest city in Spain offers many amenities from golf to diving. Valencia Cathedral also lays claim to the Holy Grail which attracts many visitors on its own. There are many resorts available in the area and Valencia also boasts one of the largest vegetable and fruit markets in Europe. There are many festivals that are held in the area which include bullfights, parades, dancing and amazing music.

Spain may be considered one of the most romantic destinations, but it also has many other attractions to entice tourists to the area.
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