Sparkly Items Aren’t Just for Special Occasions

I love things that sparkle, glitter, and shine. It’s fun to pick up something pretty and sparkly for a special occasion. But I hate to put that beautiful, expensive item in back of my closet when the special event is over. Where’s the fun in that? Here’s a few tips and tricks to help incorporate those gorgeous, sparkly pieces into every day wear.

Sparkly tank top. A sparkly tank top is a lot more versatile than it looks hanging in the department store. Of course, it’s great with your New’s Year Eve miniskirt, or your black skinny jeans for that cool party. But you can make it look casual and cool at the same time. Try wearing your sparkly tank under a black blazer with black pants or even a pair of skinny jeans. Keep everything simple, including your black heels. Or layer that sparkly shirt over a basic turtle neck with your boyfriend jeans and Converse sneakers. You’ll look uber-cool, casual, and fun. And you’ll get to keep wearing that fabulous sparkle top.

Shiny shoes. I love a great pair of heels. You don’t have to save those killer heels for special occasions (if you can walk in them, that is). Mix them up with a simple, form-fitting black sweater and let those heels peek out from underneath long, wide-leg pants. Or use those stilettos to add a little flair to a serious suit. Of course, you can wear any pair of awesome heels with your fav jeans, a classic white T, and a blazer.

Sequined clutch. That gorgeous little clutch isn’t just for parties anymore. If it’s big enough to stuff all your essentials into, mix it up with your weekend jeans. You can always use it to dress up a little mini and boots, too
Glittery necklace. That over the top necklace is too awesome to pack away until next year. Wear it over a plain white T-shirt and match it up with a great pair of skinny jeans and boots. Or top off that causal wrap dress with your beautiful necklace for a casual, comfy Sunday brunch.
Shimmery shadow. Shimmery shadow isn’t just for nights on the town. You wear it anywhere – just keep the rest of your look subtle and conservative. Use it as an accent color to your regular eye shadow wardrobe. Or use it in place of eyeliner for a hint of sparkle around your beautiful eyes.

With a little creativity, you really can add some sparkle into your daily wear. The key is to focus on one statement piece, like a shiny bag or an amazing pair of shoes, and keep the rest of your outfit minimalistic and casual. Don’t be afraid to try something new and different. Just wear it with a big does of confidence and you will look great!

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