Sprout Organic Holiday Vegetable Dinner

My granddaughter turned one today, and for the past few months we have been feeding her organic baby food. It was cheaper to purchase organic baby food on sale rather than making our own, and the brands we have been buying are Earth’s Best and Sprout.

To be honest, Earth’s Best has been her favorite of the two, but we have recently found a few of the Sprout varieties that she likes, including Sprout Organic Holiday Vegetable Dinner. This would be a great meal to serve a baby for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner!

Sprout Organic Holiday Vegetable Dinner comes in a 5.5 ounce pouch with the letter “3” on the front. This is an advanced meal with texture, and we started to feed the stage three meals to our baby when she was nine months old. There is a tear strip along the top and the package can be re-sealed using the zip style closure.

I generally prefer buying my baby food in glass containers, so I was happy to see that Sprout uses packaging that is BPA free. The food itself contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. On the back of the package Sprout describes the meal this way: Wholesome vegetables, sweet pears and vibrant cranberries are combined with organic turkey for a mildly sweet-tasting and satisfying for your baby.

Sprout foods are inspired by Co-founder and Chef Tyler Florence, and the back of the package pictures a little girl named Dorothy Florence. Sprout organic baby foods contain spices and flavorings not found in the other types of baby food we have been buying. All of the ingredients are organic, and the ingredients (as of this date) on my package include organic sweet potato, organic corn, organic pears, organic ground turkey, organic onions, organic cranberries, filtered water, and organic extra virgin olive oil.

Although you can feed Sprout Organic Holiday Vegetable Dinner to your baby without heating it up, we place the contents in a glass bowl and warm them in the microwave. The pouch cannot be placed in a microwave. You can also warm the food by placing the pouch in a bowl of hot water, but you cannot boil the pouch.

Sprout Organic Holiday Vegetable Dinner has a thick consistency and is mainly the color of sweet potatoes. This was the first Sprout flavor that my granddaughter heartily enjoyed. The texture is indeed chunky, but all of the vegetables, fruits and meats are small and soft so they are easy for our one year old to eat. Overall, I give this particular Sprout flavor two thumbs up. It gives our baby 5 grams of protein as well as important vitamins and minerals.

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