Squishy Baff Review

If you have been in the same room while your children have watched their programming, then you probably saw a little commercial for Squishy Baff, a granule substance that turns water into a gloppy, gooey mess and comes in a variety of colors. Similar products include H2Goo and Gelli Baff (or Gelli Bath). The granules that turn into the “squishy stuff” in water is non-toxic sodium polyacrylate, the same material used for absorption inside of baby diapers.

My son got a small package of green Squishy Baff for his 6th birthday from my stepdaughter. It came with two packets of green granules and two packets of the white granules to dissolve the goo when play time is over.

On the front of the package, it says for 2 baths. The back and side of the package says “up to 2 baths”. (See the pictures above.) When I ran the water for a usual bath and put the green granules in, I soon discovered that one packet wasn’t enough. It turned gloppy and icky, but it wasn’t as thick as the commercials. I knew the stuff would be messy but because it wasn’t very thick, it made for a sloppier bath than what I expected.

My 2 boys had fun in it but they found that if they scratched their nose or put their hands anywhere near their face, they somehow would get those squishy granules in their mouth. They were constantly spitting while playing.

When play time was over, I added the white packet and mixed it into the bath using my hand. If it dissolved any of the granules, it wasn’t enough to notice. I was still left with a gooey mess as I let out the water. Surprisingly, it didn’t stop up my drain.

As you can see, I’m not a big fan of the product; at least not inside my bathroom. I think my kids really liked it (aside from the spitting) but they can have the same amount of fun in a bubble bath and I don’t mind when bubble bath is splattered over the side of the tub into the floor. The Squishy Baff globs were difficult to clean up. The fact that it didn’t easily dissolve is also cause for concern and why I won’t be using it in my bathtub again. I don’t know that next time it will be as quick to go down my drain.

Overall, I think this product is better suited for outside in the kiddy pool. It’s gross, which is right up my boys’ alleys, and it is different, which is a good change of pace for just splashing in plain water. When they are done, you can just hose the kids off. I’ll make sure, though, to get a bigger package of glop granules next time.

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