St. Patrick’s Day Limericks for Fun

There is no greater day than St. Patrick’s day to deserve limericks and rollicking poems! St. Patrick’s Day has got to be one of the most hilarious days of the year.

Following are limericks and free poems for St. Patrick’s Day. Perhaps they will get you in the mood and ready for this exciting holiday.



St. Patrick’s Day Limericks No. 1

I made friends with a leprechaun.

Sometimes he’s here; sometimes he’s gone.

I never knows

Where he goes.

Maybe he goes to the john.

~ Linda Hammond ~


St. Patrick’s Day Limericks No. 2

At last it’s St. Patrick’s Day,

Time to party and play.

So drink up your beer

And join in the cheer.

Don’t miss anything, I say!

~ Linda Hammond ~



St. Patrick’s Day Limericks No. 3


I am pretending I’m Irish today

Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Because I belong

I’ll belt out a song

And drink green beer all day.

~ Linda Hammond ~



St. Patrick’s Day Limericks No. 4

I saw a wee lassie today.

I asked her to come over and play.

I want to cuddle

Then go for the huddle,

But she kicked me and ran away!

~ Linda Hammond ~



St. Patrick’s Day Limericks No. 5

I must go to the Blarney Castle.

Don’t keep me, no, don’t hassle.

I must go

Don’t you know?

So I can talk razzed-dazzle.

~ Linda Hammond ~



So we will leave off here. We could go on with St. Patrick’s Day limericks and free poems, but instead, let’s indulge a little. Let’s get started celebrating so we will be in fine form by the time St. Patrick’s Day is over.

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