Starting Over

Hello, my friend, we need to talk
There’s something I need to say
I’ve put this off for long enough
It can’t wait another day

I’ve been giving a lot of thought
To where I’ve been and where I’m going
I see what all the signs point to
And I don’t like what they’re showing

It’s time to make some changes
And start my life brand new
I know I have to start somewhere
That’s why I’m talking to you

You’ve always been there for me
Even when the times were tough
For that, I’ll always be grateful
I can’t thank you enough

But people change with time
And see things differently
And now I see you weren’t always
Such a good friend to me

You taught me how to live for fun
Thinking you were being a friend
But your selfishness and reckless ways
Brought me nothing but pain in the end

So now I have to say goodbye
I can’t make it any clearer
Tomorrow morning, when I rise
I’ll see a different man in the mirror

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