Can birth control help with acne

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For women who break out around the menstrual cycle, some birth control pills can help. They slow down overactive oil glands. [ Source: ]
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Can birth control help your acne?
There are cases where the acne is related to hormone levels. In these cases, birth control can assist in controlling the acne. Consult your physician/dermatologist for specifics.
Do birth control pills help acne?
Not all birth control pills prevent acne but some do! Some also make you gain wait, but that depends on the pill and on the person. Birth control pills is something you have to discuss with your doctor anyways so I suggest you talk to him o…
Does birth control help with acne?
some hormonal birth controls do help clear acne, and it takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. just wash your face regularly with a face wash that’s for acne prevention and clearing.

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Is it ok to use birth control pills for controlling acne and to regulate my period?
Q: I am going to start on birth control pills to help me clear my acne and also to help me regulate my period, is this ok? Thank you for your answers!
A: Yeah, many doctors prescribe the pill for these reasons. In october I was put on yaz to clear up my acne and make my period more comfortable ( I had really bad cramps and a heavy flow) Now that i’m on it I usually just skip my period because it’s so much more convenient. Birth control will make your period more regular and hopefully take away some of the negative effects of your period. I never gained any weight or had any bad effects of the pill but that is different for everyone. When I began I had no intention of using the pill as my form of birth control (just the acne and period pain) but now I find it comforting to know that if I do have sex i’m protected against pregnancy.
Other birth control methods for acne besides the pill?
Q: I was on the pill for a few years and had mild acne. I have been single for 6 months now.I stopped taking my birth control because I haven’t been sexually active, but now my acne has gotten worse! I want to start birth control again to help with my acne, but I hate to be on the pill again. It’s so annoying to take a pill everyday. Has anyone had luck with controlling acne with any other forms of birth control?
A: 1) Cook oatmeal and apply on face for fifteen minutes and wash.2) Make a warm bath with blanch of nettle and rosemary.3) Apply equal amount of lemon juice and rose water with a cotton ball and wash it after haif an hour for 15 to 20 days.For dozens of more ways, prevention, types and reasons check
What are the side effects of taking birth control for acne?
Q: my dermatologist wants to put me on Yamin or some birth control to help my acne. i’m a virgin, and planning on staying that way. have never had any problems with my period or anything. so what are the side effects of taking the pill? i don’t want to have to worry about randomly bleeding. is taking it really worth it?
A: i’d read about your fertility first before putting any hormones in your body… you can do things like drinking certain teas and changes in your diet instead… read this book called cycle savvy if you are a teenager… or taking charge of your fertility by toni weschler… there are other, less invasive and body changing things you can do. your fertility cycle is a very special thing! do the research. i’m glad you are already! but make sure to make an informed decision and don’t feel pressured to go on any prescription, especially one that changes your hormones.
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