Can you die from cologne

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If you intake (drink) a lot it there is a possibility that you can die form it depending on whats in it. Thanks for using ChaCha!! [ Source: ]
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Where did Aquilinus of Cologne die?
Aquilinus of Cologne died in Milan
When did Severin of Cologne die?
Severin of Cologne died on in 403
When did Bruno of Cologne die?
Bruno of Cologne died on on October 6, 1101

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How to rescue Russian poor creatures? They die of cologne!?
Q: Here the reference drink cologne, antifreeze or washing-up liquids? On a regular basis 88.64 % Never extremely seldom 0.84 % of 6.48 % I at all do not drink 4.04 % 49956 voted
A: Restrict their intake to Chanel No. 5.
Is there a men’s cologne that’s “To Die For”?
Q: I know this is a really stupid question, but I’m really unfamiliar with the names of men’s colognes. I’m looking for something a little out of the ordinary that smells fantastic. I’m looking for one of those scents that you’ll remember for hours. (i.e. No axe or old spice). I know there are some great ones out there, but which ones are they? I would like men’s opinions, too.
A: I wear Burberry Brit and every woman I know who smells it on me comments on it – the first time I wore it around my girlfriends younger sister, when I hugged her hello she licked my neck! Catfights ensued…
help! can i get pregnant thru fingering even if my guy washed his hands with cologne after touching his sperm?
Q: after touching his sperm, i put cologne on my bf’s hands for him to wash up. and after 5 mins, he fingered me with dry hands (same hand who touched sperms and washed with cologne). can i get pregnant thru dat? do sperms die in cologne? help please.
A: um… i’d be more concerned about getting an infection after he put cologne on his fingers, and stuck that inside you. Might wanna tell him instead to wash his hands with soap and water, thats how i’ve been washing my hands for years. 🙂 I dont’ think you have to worry about being pregnant though.熊貓Panda
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