How can you get rid of bad breath

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To get rid of bad breath you should floss regularly, brush often, and clean your tongue. The use of mouthwash helps too. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Chew on parsley leaves several times a day. There are a different causes of bad breath. One of the… ・ 2 Make a paste with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Brush your teeth with this paste at least twice… ・ 3 Take one teaspoon of a…
・ Clean your mouth thoroughly, regularly. Two major sources of mouth odor are bacteria and decaying food… ・ Keep your mouth moisturized. A dry mouth is a stinky mouth. That’s why your breath is worse in the morning… ・ Choose your gum ca…
Home Remedies for Bad Breath Brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily can help to remove odor-causing bacteria. Before trying any natural remedies for bad breath, it’s important to visit your dentist to have your teeth examined and …

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How to rid bad breath?
Q: I’m going to a job interview and I dont want my breath to be smelly during the interview. I also dont want to be eating mints or gum to rid the bad breath for it may be rude. What are some effective ways to rid bad breath? Also what are some good products for it?
A: You should be brushing after every meal, roughly three times per day for at least two minutes at a time. You should be using floss after every meal, and use mouthwash and a tongue scraper at least twice each day. Pay attention to what kinds of foods that you are eating. Also, do you have problems with dry mouth? Dry mouth and post nasal drip can cause bad breath, so keep hydrated. Have regular dental checkups (roughly once every six months) to ensure that you do not have cavities or gum disease. Also, you should go to the doctor if it is a concern for you, since Underlying health conditions like diabetes can cause bad breath.You might want to avoid gum and mints that contain sugar because sugar actually FEEDS the bad breath-causing bacteria!You can also try natural cures such as baking soda, green cardamom, parsley/mint garnishes, brussel sprouts, and green tea. These help deodorize the halitosis.
How do I get rid of really bad breath?
Q: My breath is really bad almost all the time.I brush my teeth regularly and I also brush my tounge and I floss. I can’t seem to get rid of really bad breath though. And don’t say chew gum or eat mints, cause that just temporarily masks the breath. I need something that will get rid of bad breath!Oh yea, I did forget to mention it, but I do use mouthwash!
A: Use pure hydrogen peroxide in the brown bottle that you can get at most stores. It’s usually by the rubbing alcohol. It should say on there that it’s for oral debriding and cuts (NOT the kind you bleach hair with). Use a capful or two as a mouth rinse either before or after brushing (or both). You should notice a difference right away. Also, using pure Arm & Hammer baking soda (NOT baking powder) on your toothbrush works too. Just dip your brush in some and cover the bristles and brush. It tastes awful, but will sweeten your breath. Some days I use both perioxide and baking soda. Also using a baking soda and peroxide toothpaste helps too. I’m not a dentist, I just know by experience.
How do you get rid of bad breath at parties?
Q: I have bad breath. I know for a fact. Yet, when I’m at parties, it becomes the worst! How do you get rid of bad breath at parties when you have nothing that can help your breath get better?
A: Have you tried eating parsley, dried or fresh. Parsley is a natural remedy for halitosis.
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