How many calories should that girl take in

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I put your age as 15 w/ moderate daily activity. Based on that info + your height and weight, you should eat 1986 calories a day. [ Source: ]
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How many calories should that girl take in
I put your age as 15 w/ moderate daily activity. Based on that info + your height and weight, you should eat 1986 calories a day.
How many calories should a teenage girl take in daily??
Calories is a big topic when it comes to weight loss. We need to understand three things: the volume of calories in our food, the volume of calories a specific activity burns every 60 minutes, and last but not least our own personal daily l…
How many calories a 21 yr girl should take a day?
Depends on height, weight, level of physical activity and nutritional goals. But about 1800-2000 should be a good starting point.

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How many calories should a 15 year old girl take in a day?
Q: yeahh ^i’m trying to lose weight this summer. I would like to know how many calories a 15 year old girl 145 pounds should take in a day?yeahhh! happy summer! :D2,000 calories is actually right. it doesn’t necessarily mean you eat twinkies and chips. You could eat a things that have high protein like chicken. It still has calories. Mostly everything has calories you just have to put things that are healthier in your boddd. :]
A: i’m a year younger but if your losing weight, maybe like 800. i eat 600-800 a day, but no junk food. its ridiculous to eat 2000, you’ll probably get fat because our society eats so bad.
How many calories should an 11year old girl take in a day?
Q: Okay my sister is 11 years old and she thinks that she is fat on her thighs and belly and bottom of her neck.Every one tells her she is not but she thinks they are just being nice she is around 115 pound at most least 100 so any body know any diet plans or how many calories she should take in?
A: This makes me so angry. Did you know that Amish people – who, because of their belief system, don’t read magazines or watch television – show little to no differences in self-esteem between boys and girls and rarely suffer from body image issues?This is ridiculous. Your sister is ELEVEN YEARS OLD. There isn’t really even that much information on the internet for resting metabolic rate (RMR; the amount of calories one needs to intake in order to maintain the same weight assuming they are doing no exercise) because kids aren’t supposed to worry about that stuff unless they’re morbidly obese! She still hasn’t even really hit puberty yet, and will get a growth spurt which will totally change her metabolism and figure. So this is really a crazy time to worry about how she looks, as long as she isn’t unhealthily fat (e.g., barely able to get up and walk, bed-ridden).Fine, fine – to answer your question as best I can, I’d need to know your sister’s height as well as her weight and age. But with no other information, I’d see she probably needs to eat near to 2000 calories a day. She’s still a growing child! If she’s THAT worried about it, just tell her to eat healthy (that is, avoid too much sugar and fat). But other than that, she can eat all she wants. Sheesh.This is such a sad commentary on society. Next we’ll have 5-year-olds wanting to eat celery sticks intstead of oreos so they can stay slender. Give me a break!!Sorry. I’m not mad at you or your sister. Just sad for you. I’ll bet she looks like a perfectly normal little girl, and I wish she could just not even think about calories or weight. It seems like all young adult women worry about their figure, but she at least deserves a few more years of being a normal kid before she becomes obsessed with it.Sigh.
How many calories should a 6th grade girl take in one day?
Q: She is taking in about 2,500…She is not really eating healthy, maybe half an apple a day, lunch is atleast 500 calories, dinner 600, and breakfast is 500, the rest is on BBQ chips, and other snacks.How many calories should she take in, in one day.And how many should she burn?
A: At that age calories isn’t a big issue. It’s the BBQ chips, and other snacks that is the problem. Cut out the junk and pop, and that should be sufficient. Be sure to eat healthy. Do not starve yourself, that will cause you more harm in the long run.
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