What is the best medicine to reduce a fever

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The over the counter medication, Tylenol is very effective in reducing fevers and is also recommended most by doctors. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-medicine-to-reduce-a-fever ]
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Which over the counter medicine is the best fever reducer?
alternate between tylenal and ibupfrofin. ive done this man times. my sons pdiatric doctor tuaght me and i sometimes use it. i really really works. here id how Ibuprofen usually starts taking effect within 30 minutes and should last at leas…
What is the best medicine for fever blisters?
No one ever believes me, but to get them to go away, go to the drugstore and buy a steptic stick…..it is a salt stick in the shaving isle that men use to stop bleeding from a nick, and wet it and rub over the fever blister a couple times …
What’s the best medicine for fevers?
Fever control helps children feel more comfortable. Use Tylenol (acetominophen) or Motirn (Ibuprofen). They should never be used in infants under 2 months of age. Call us for doses and to discuss if the fever is a sign of serious illness or…

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What’s the best medicine to take to reduce a fever?
Q: Is there is a certain brand or a certain type of medicine that will reduce a fever?
A: acetaminophen (tylenol), not to exceed 4000 mg/day.can also use ibuprofen (advil) in between.lots of fluids (preferably not sugar-free), rest, warm (not hot) baths, cold compress to neck and forehead, and just let it run it’s course or see a doc if does not get better. cheers.
Does taking fever reducing medicine reduce your body’s fight against the infection?
Q: If you take Advil or Nyquil or any other flu/cold medicine or fever reducer does this hurt the body’s attempt to kill the virus or bacteria causing the fever?As I understand it a fever is the body’s way of heating up and trying to kill the virus/infection. Wouldn’t a fever reducer hinder the body’s natural fight?
A: Exactly!!! However if your temperature gets too high then you want to start reducing it just to avoid gettting a temperature that is going to hurt you anyway.. (proteins, which is what your body and especially brain is made out of.. denature at a certain temperature)The basic rule for this is that if your temp is just 99 or 100 or possibly 101 then don’t feel obligated to get the temp downhowver if you are in pain and you want to relieve the pain with acetaminophen or ibuprofen, those are also fever reducersYou just have to choose which tradeoffs you want
What are the most effective fever reducing medicine/techniques?
Q: My husband has had a fever of about 102 for the last two days accompanied with upset stomach (not bad enough for food poisoning). But it seems like a stomach virus…Does anyone have a suggestion for a good medicine that works well reducing fever and aches and pains? Dayquil and advil don’t seem to be effective.
A: Whether to treat fever due to infection is controversial. Experimental evidence, but not clinical studies, suggests that fever enhances host defenses. Patients at particular risk for whom treatment of fever is indicated include children with previous febrile seizures, adults with cardiac or pulmonary insufficiency, and those with dementia. Drugs that inhibit brain cyclooxygenase are effective in reducing fever; those used most often are acetaminophen, aspirin, and other NSAIDs.
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