What is the difference between home pregnancy tests and the tests at the doctor

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They are absolutely the Same! The only one with the doctor, it may be able to pick up the hormone level change faster than an at home test. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-difference-between-home-pregnancy-tests-and-the-tests-at-the-doctor ]
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What is the difference between the home pregnancy test and the ur…?
The doctors test can find Negative and positive. You might use it wrong and they actually know the correct way. I would get a blood test It is always correct.

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What is the difference between a home pregnancy test and a doctor’s pregnancy test???
A: It depends. If it’s a urine test, there’s virtually no difference; except that the brand you buy will probably be more sensitive than your doctors. They buy tests in bulk and usually the cheapest, so it detects 100hcg while HPT can detect as little as 25hcg (First Response). A doctor can order a pregnancy test; however, you can do that on your own also. You can go into a lab and ask to get a blood test to determine pregnancy; unless your health insurance covers it (mine doesn’t) in which case a Dr’s order would be good to save some $$$ on the test. Other than that, not much difference; tests measure hcg, no matter who does it. Good luck.
is there a difference between a home pregnancy test and the pregnacy test preformed at the doctors?
A: In a way there is, it will depends on what test they do. If you’re talking about the wee on a stick tests – then they are the same at the chemist as they are at the doctors. They test for hormone in your wee.However, the doctor can do another kind of pregnancy test which they take blood from you and test it. That will let you know around how many weeks you are as the hormones basically double every day for a while.But if you have got a positive reading from an at home test, they you are pregnant, there is no possible way for the test to give you a “false” positive…. if you got a negative and think you are pregnant, then it might be too early to dectect the hormone in your urine. If you get a faint line that you can only see out in the sunlight, then it’s still positive.Hope that helps!
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Q: What Are The Differences Between Home Pregnancy Test Kits And Tests Done At A Doctors Surgery Or Family Planning Clinic ?
A: Doctors usually use a blood test to make sure a woman is pregnant and a home pregnancy test is usually just the urine.
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