What should a person weigh who is six foot tall

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Can you tell me what weight you are and if you are male or female? Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-a-person-weigh-who-is-six-foot-tall ]
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What should a person weigh who is six foot tall
Can you tell me what weight you are and if you are male or female? Thanks for using ChaCha!
How much should a person that is 6 foot 3 inches tall weigh?
A large framed 6’3″ man should weigh about 200 pounds. ChaCha!
What should the average 6 foot 2 inches tall person weigh?
The average weight for a 6’2 male is 175lbs. 153lbs is on the low end of normal and 197lbs is on the higher end of normal. Thanks for doing the ChaCha!

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How much cardio should I do daily? EASY 10 POINTS!?
Q: Alright, here are the details.I am six feet tall and weigh about 210 pounds. I am a naturally heavy-built person and I do not look overweight, but I would like to get into shape for a self-confidence boost and obvious health benefits. I currently do cardio about 6 days a week, and I was wondering, how long should I do cardio each day, and what should my heart rate be at to maximize weight loss.
A: You should do cardio for 30-60 minutes daily, with thorough stretching before and after. Your heart rate should be between around 120-160 beats per minute. This varies somewhat with age, but that’s the average range. If it goes above 180 at any point, immediately rest.Make sure you’re eating enough. As active as that, you need 2200-2500 calories per day, at least. Also get plenty of protein, at least 80g per day, or more. With that, at your size, you should trim fairly well.
Would this person be overweight or what?
Q: I know this girl, and she’s only 13. She is 5 foot six, and weighs about 120-125 pounds, or 56 kg. She is taller than her peers and heavier than most of them. She is confused because some say she is fat, some say she isn’t, and others say she is average. She is muscular, and one of the top athletes in her grade. So is she overweight? Muscular or what? Please don’t leave nasty comments, just tell the truth. She needs to know.
A: No she’s not overweight! According to her height/weight ratio her BMI is 19.4. Anything over 22.5 for her age is considered overweight. She is a healthy weight. Some kids her age and height may be underweight and comparing her to them is just wrong. Hope this helps.
Urgent Question: Why should I not commit suicide?
Q: I am fifteen years old. I am six foot, four inches tall. I weigh approximately 220 pounds. Thus, my body mass index is 30.5, putting me above the bar of a healthy body weight, set at 25. My little brother is the gifted and spoiled child, for he was blessed with a universal excellence at all athletic activities. I have not been gifted with any superb abilities, leading me to believe I have no purpose in this life. I have never had a girlfriend, yet my little brother is again blessed with a perfect personality and figure to match his athleticism. Due to my music-listening preferences, my school sincerely believes I am homosexual, which is an utmost misinterpretation of liking Country music. I have liked the same girl since I moved to this city. I was able to charm her into attending the Winter Formal dance with me, but my massive insecurities about my overall coordination forced me to join the other wall-flowers in attendance. The difference between them and I, however, is they eventually managed to escape their insecurities and have a fun time. I am certain that I blew my chances with her on that fateful day. I cannot even try again once school reconvenes because, as fate would have it, she joined the cheer-leading squad at our school. I may not be a genius, but even I know once popularity reveals itself, your will power quickly fades away into irrelevancy, and popularity slowly envelops your personality. Once that happens, any chance in hell of a ex-second-string football player-turned-nerd asking for a date without failure begins to fade away into Elysium, never to be seen again. As a final note, I request that all responses to this question are sincere, as well as qrammatically accurate. If even one person can prove to me that there is exceptions in the unwritten rules of teenage life, I will recall my suicidal agenda, in favor of a life lived among diverse peoples, any of whom could be the next exception. By the way, all answers involving me seeing a psychologist will be marked as abuse, and I will accomplish that by saying that they are spam favoring the Psychological analysis industry of America’s economy.I also have a horrible addiction to masturbation, due to my low self-esteem. I am unable to play any sports due a crippling internal injury, brought on by a ruptured spleen, which became enlarged after contracting mono. Thank you to all who have previously answered; You all were a major help in some way or another.
A: Not over a girl! look It sounds like you just need a confidence boost. personally If I was 15 and 220lbs I’d join the football team. You don’t need athleticism to plow over people and hit someone when your twice the size of everyone on the field. It will probably make you feel better too. Get out some aggression, be part of a team, and 15 year old chicks dig it!
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