What temperature does the brain suffer damage

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Body temperatures over 108F (42C) can cause brain damage. The body temperature goes this high only with extreme environmental temperatures (for example, if a child is confined in a closed car in hot weather). ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-temperature-does-the-brain-suffer-damage ]
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What temperature does the brain suffer damage
Body temperatures over 108F (42C) can cause brain damage. The body temperature goes this high only with extreme environmental temperatures (for example, if a child is confined in a closed car in hot weather). ChaCha!
Can lowering body temperature prevent brain damage in children wh…?
University of Utah will lead a multi-center study to investigate whether hypothermia-lowering body temperature-can prevent or reduce brain damage in children deprived of oxygen after a cardiac arrest.
Will lowering body temperature prevent brain damage in children w…?
In the first large-scale study of its kind, researchers at the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and the University of Utah will lead a multicentre study to investigate whether hypothermia – lowering body temperature – …

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Cryonics limits damage with common medical tech and hopes to reverse minor damage in the future. Why resist?
Q: So much retorical resistance to the concept of cryonics is bandied about as disinformation. “Freezing bursts cells” (duh, that’s why cryonics patients are vitrified [look up this term before you get overconfident about your response]), irreparable brain damage (not as much as suffered by stroke patients who often recover FULLY with therapy and treatments EVEN TODAY), oxygen deprivation kills brain cells (rapid cooling of patients to reduce core temperature decreases brain oxygen needs by half every 10 degrees Farenheit, recirculation and reoxygenation compensates for the rest with Activase introduced within seconds of clinical death), its “Snake Oil” (cryonicists must execute dozens of legal forms consisting of hundreds of pages before independent witnesses and state notaries all containing disclaimers and warnings that this is unproven and experimental, plus they are in charge of their life and death as much as ANYONE with a Last Will or Trust). So why the ongoing ignorance?The ongoing responses to Cryonics related questions continually bring up these non-issues as if they are new or intelligent. They are neither. Has society so brain-washed everyone into accepting DEATH as inevitable that people rush to defend their right to die over and above the rights of cryonicists to live?Interesting questions, and all social questions indeed. The existing cryonics organizations are 501(c) nonprofit organizations mostly run by their members. There is very little cost for keeping someone frozen in liquid nitrogen as the material is inexpensive and makes up a majority of our atmosphere (thus is quite prevelant). Administrative costs are kept minimal by having a volunteer staff available with a few dedicated, (under-) paid professionals to oversee the facility upkeep.Secondly, the cost is not prohibitive at all. For a few tens of dollars per month, the cost of life insurance is extremely affordable. $50,000 in LIFE INSURANCE is REAL CHEAP on a month-to-month basis. No other funds are required, but higher levels of funding are sometime useful depending on individual preferences. The way in which we choose to interact wtih our descendants is purely up to the individual. That is a question for each cryonicist to deal with upon revival and cant be legislated.
A: Interesting question. Here is what I wonder. First, right now the procedure is quite expensive – that limits the number of enrollees right off the top.Second, the facilities and resources needed to maintain a cyronics program must be enormous. At some point, even if it did become affordable, the question of how many people could be stored in completely safe conditions – backup generators, equipment failure possibilities etc. would seem to become another limiting factor.Third – relationships. Right now I am a grandmother. I have loved and lost many family members by now and would give anything to have some time with, for instance, my grandmother. But, if she were revived, she might be the woman I knew but I would not be the 16 year old granddaughter she knew and loved. It would not be anything like the world she left in 1971 I am not so sure that I would like to wake up and find that my entire family as I know it is gone.There is a common problem with prolonged foster care or with older child adoptees returning to the birth mother to visit after they become adults. The 3 year old who went into foster care is not the 7 year old who is finally released from the system. The 8 year old surrendered for adoption remember his birth family through the prism of 8 year old thoughts and feelings. When he goes to visit – he is an adult. They are adults. It is not the same. Some people easily adjust, some never do.Anyway, interesting question.
Spiritually Speaking: Would atheists reconsider if they knew about some of the current research around…?
Q: …cryonics? For example:Argument 1 : Irreversible Cellular or Brain Damage from Death! Note that “irreparable brain damage after five minutes without oxygen” is not true unless the blood starts to circulate again. At room temperature your brain will not suffer permanent brain damage for at least five hours and if your body is refrigerated at a morgue your brain will not suffer permanent damage for up to two weeks. (For Details: Ben Best, May/April 2007 Edition of “The Immortalist”)Argument 2: Only the head is suspended! This is incorrect. This is an option and you can elect to have full body suspension as well. Some facilities specialize in one or the other but both are options.Argument 3: Freezing Causes Brain Damage! False. Careful experimentation with cat brains that were completely frozen when thawed were able to produce brain wave function.Scientist Ralph Merkle discusses the many ways in which coming technological developments can be expected to repair the brain damages caused by just about anything. www.merkle.com/merkleDir/techFeas.htmlArgument 4: No potential in the science yet! Check out the article by Wendy M Grossman in The Guardian, Thursday February 14 2008. “Advances mean it could be coming a little closer.” Argument 5: Freezing causes cellular damage that cannot be repaired! Human BioSystems Successfully Transplants Kidneys Stored at Suspended Animation Temperatures (see article from Monday July 18, 7:00 am ET PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE) “”We believe that this is the first time that an organ stored at such a low temperature was then thawed and transplanted back into the animals while still maintaining some of its functional response as evidenced by the presence of urine.”Would ya’ll consider cryonics if it was more of a realistic option?What part of: “Would ya’ll consider cryonics if it was more of a realistic option?” is everyone having trouble with?YOU IDIOT….well, yes, I guess you are. My question had nothing to do with evolution.catrionn: Teri was not cryonically suspended. You are talking apples and oranges.
A: The difference between atheist and theist is the amount of skepticism. Science is ALWAYS questioning itself, trying to improve on itself and I accept that and flow with it. I was a little shocked when they said Pluto was no longer a planet, but after finding out their reasoning it made sense.
Why isn’t it beneficial to exercise when having a fever?
Q: Since the point of a fever is to raise the core temperature of the body to make it uncomfortable for the pathogens and also for the leukocytes to proliferate, wouldn’t it be advantageous for a person to exercise, which produces heat, during a fever to aid with the above mentioned processes? The only downside i can see is that the temperature may be raised to a dangerous level but a person only suffers from irreversible brain damage from 41 degrees and above. Therefore, shouldn’t moderate exercise be advised for those with a fever?
A: During a fever the body’s energy is directed to producing/developing the defense mechanisms against the fever. If you exercise, your body will have to work even more – to supply your muscles with oxygen, which will divert the body’s energy from defending to providing energy to your muscles. the result will be that your body will get extremely tired..
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