Will hgh make you grow

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If you have a growth-hormone deficiency, HGH will help you grow. It must be taken with medical supervision to prevent several adverse side effects, such as acne, premature balding, high cholesterol, etc, from occurring. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-hgh-make-you-grow ]
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Will HGH make me grow tall?
The hgh you buy in the store is bunk. Spend your money on something else. Like animal stak or protein.
Does HGH make your face/jaw grow?
Is it safe to assume that extreme abuse of HGH will bring you closer and closer to looking like Andre the Giant. Sort of like self induced Acromegaly. “Anybody want a peanut” YouTube – Princess Bride – Anybody Want A Peanut YouTub…
Do hgh make you grow taller?
HGH might help you if you are a midget or a dwarf and your pituitary gland is malfunctioning and not secreting enough HGH and only if your growth plates are still open. In your case HGH won’t help you because if your pituitary gland was mal…

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How much will HGH make you grow?
Q: Im 17, and im 5’8. i no that im not wicked short but it would be nice to be like 5’10. please dont tell me about the dangers of HGH becuase i already no the risks. just i really need help with this, so anything you no would be great =]eh no prob, and u have to get a prescription for it or get it illegally which i dont suggest.
A: where do you get it!!im 5″3 and 16..it would be nice to know what it is and know where to get it.sorry i didnt answer…
Will HGH make me grow tall?
Q: I wanted to help boost some results when i work out, so i bought a Human growth hormone booster, NOT ACTUAL HGH from a doctor… I’m 19 years old and i’m 6’3, i want to take it normally but will the stimulation on my HGH cause me to skyrocket into a extremly tall person? I’d rather not get any taller then i am, and i’m just being cautious.. I guess i’ve at my plateau in growing, and would extra HGH make me grow taller?I was also told that since I’m young, my HGH is already at high levels, and taking this supplement would most likely ONLY make me have a deeper sleep (side effect of hgh). Is this true?
A: The hgh you buy in the store is bunk. Spend your money on something else. Like animal stak or protein.
WIll HGH make me grow taller?
Q: I am 17 and am 5’8″. I am still growing but by only a little bit at a time every 6 months. I never had a growth spurt in my life but my growth plates are still open. Will buying this HGH spray (http://www.eternalhgh.com/buyhgh/) and taking it daily make me grow taller?BUT WILL HGH MAKE ME GROW? JUST YES OR NO, please dont give me side effects or dangers…
A: Injecting ones self with synthetic human growth hormone(HGH) can cause side effects, and that is why the injections should only be taken as a last resort and should only be used on the advice and management of a qualified physician.One possible side effect of taking the HGH injections is the patient’s pituitary gland becoming lazy. The injections provide the body with a full dose of human growth hormone so the pituitary gland will not need to release as much of its own real HGH.Other side effects include: acromegaly, fluid retention, carpal tunnel syndrome, painful joints, gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in males), liver damageAcromegaly is a dangerous disease with increased incidence of heart attack and death. Other side effects such as fluid retention and carpal tunnel syndrome have also been seen when large doses of the injections were taken. In Dr. Rudman’s study the anti-aging and health and fitness benefits were extensive, but there were also side effects due to the large doses he used. Those who pump themselves with massive doses of the injections risk this same fate.Concerns About CancerThere are also concerns that HGH injections may increase the risk of cancer, since hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with certain other synthetic hormones has been found to increase the risk of cancer in some studies.Taking homeopathic human growth hormone and supplements to help the pituitary gland release more of its own human growth hormone has not been shown to increase the risk of cancer. In fact, it is believed that the real HGH made by the body actually provides a defense against cancer by increasing the cancer fighting cells and strengthening the immune system.
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