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How can you cure vaginal itching

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You need to treat the cause of the infection with antibiotics. You can use an OTC cream like Vagisil until you can see your doctor [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-cure-vaginal-itching ]
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How can you cure vaginal itching
You need to treat the cause of the infection with antibiotics. You can use an OTC cream like Vagisil until you can see your doctor
Does Your Vagina Always Itch and Smell? How to Cure Vaginal Yeast…?
If your vagina always itches and smells, one probable reason for that is you have a vaginal yeast infection. Now, a yeast infection is very common, especially in women; in fact, almost 70 percent of women will at least one time in their liv…
What Cures Vaginal Itching?
・ The most common causes of vaginal itching are bacteria, general vaginal dryness or an underlying infection… ・ Bacterial vaginosis is a common cause of vaginal itching. It occurs when the normal balance of bacteria… ・ Vaginal dryness d…

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how do you know when u have a vaginal infection?
Q: I know it’s not a std but there does be a slight itch. it dosen’t even burn when i pee tell me what it is and how i can cure it without seeing a doctor?
A: Well there are certain symptoms for each infection. It could be anything. You should really just go the doctor and see what it could be.
White stretchy vaginal discharge WITH odor!?!?!??!?!?!?
Q: I have been having these white strechy discharges its usually clear but at time has a little white in them. It DOES have odor, but I’m not itching. Could i have yeast infection, but then its not yellow or anything and it dont itch. Could it be sweat and discharge combine that makes this odor? If its some kind of infection can you please tell me how it is cure (if it can be cure) and if you can give me a site so i can read more about it? Thanks!OH, and this usually happens before and after my period. Everything about this sounds normal (from what I researched) except for the odor.If you are also having the same situation as me please tell me so i can be less stressing.
A: It really does NOT sound like a yeast infection.Sometimes women can get bacterial infections and not even really notice because there are few symtoms. BV has a fishy odor. Fishy odor is not normal, even though a lot of women seem to think it is.This is what you should do:Go to a drug store and find this Vagisil Screening Testhttp://www.vagisil.com/productinformation.shtmlIt’s easy to use and works fast and it will tell you if you have a bacterial infection because the little dot will turn a dark color. The kit comes with like this calling card thing where you can talk to “experts” so I bet that might be helpful for you too. If it stays yellow, I think you’re good. It could still be a yeast infection but doesn’t sound like it. Maybe it’s just smelly sweat like you said. If it’s green or blue that means it’s time to go to the doctor for some antibiotics. You’ll be infection free in a week.Good luck!
What are some at home cures for yeast infections & how to tell if you’ve passed it to your boyfriend?
Q: I think, because of the symptoms I’m having (i.e. vaginal itching, dryness, and a cottage cheese like discharge + swelling at one point in time), that maybe my pregnancy has caused me to get a yeast infection. I want to know if there are any at home remedies or cures for it before I decide to goto the doctor even though I know that’s whats best. I also would like to know how I can tell if I’ve passed the infection to my boyfriend. What are the signs and symptoms?
A: From your symptoms it sounds like it could be a bacterial infection – not a yeast infection. You really need to go and find out what kind of infection you have – the treatments are very different. Plus I do not think you want if to affect the baby when it is born – one of the causes of Thrush in newborns I believe.
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