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What is the most popular thing ever made

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I would say OTC like Advil or Tylenol everyone has them in their home. Reply Joke for a laugh. Thank you for using ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-most-popular-thing-ever-made ]
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What do you think is the most popular thing to make a website??
make on something that impresses you. Like my first page was on m, i knew no one would ever see it, but it made me happy. Start something that you ll be happy about and slowly you can add stuff to it. best of luck.
How are you trying to make Wake Forest a more popular thing??
Marketing has a lot to do with that. I think the city has to want that to happen. I think that Wake Forest University, and again, you are talking about a guy that’s only been down here a year, but Wake Forest means so much to the city of Wi…
What is the most important thing that makes a web site so popular…?
“Popularity depends upon desired content in an easy to read format.” I find that websites will naturally grow to be popular if they provide the content that people are seeking in an easy to read layout. If a website can accomplish…

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What made George W Bush <43> the most popular president ever elected by american republican tax payers ?
Q: having to say something and having something to say are two different things!!!!perhaps if more had common sense ?great answers lets enjoy some more and always remimber at one point in BUSHS 8 year rein of terror HE HAD THE MOST SUPPORT OF ANY PRESIDENT EVER!!!! even if it was just based on LIES America bought it hook line and sinker,,,the most popular president ECER,,no lie folks chowcheer chun your DINO
A: Lord only knows! America must have been having a stupid day.
What is the most best MMORPG ever made?
Q: I need some exciting MMORPG to play, something that’ll keep me hook. Let me narrow down the things I already DID play, so it won’t cause you guys much trouble:Furcadia – Already PlayingSecond Life – Already PlayingRunescape- Played it, sucks.World Of Worldcraft- I refuse to spend money on it.FlyFF- Awesome GamePirates of The Carribean Online- HATE IT!Club Penguin- …no thank you.Dream of Mirror Online – Awesome company.There- Nice game.Entropia Universe- Played it, got bored.Gaia- Already Playing.MapleStory- Playing.Kaneva- Very old game..CokeStudios- Quit.Habbo Hotel- Still playing.M’kay, now for my description:I want a MMORPG thats fun to play, with realistic graphics (doesn’t have to be SO realistic) and with like some adventure in it… kinda like Furcadia & Second Life & FlyFF.. where you can lead your own life and stuff like that, something thats very fun and popular now.So, what IS the most best MMORPG that was EVER made and still exists?
A: Try this website http://topwebgames.com/ , You might find somthing you like.
My life sucks… i think im depressed i dont know though, please read?
Q: I’m going to try and make this as detailed as possible without getting boring. Please read it all if you think you can help me with my many problems in my life. Thank you.Well… Ive always been a shy guy, for as long as i can remember. In Elementary School i wasn’t so bad with my class mates. I talked to them and stuff and was the funny guy most the time. In fifth grade i began to be more shy around people. Was harder for me to make friends and stuff. I went to middle school and i was as shy as i have ever been. First day of school this girl i thought was pretty was trying to talk to me and get to know me. I wasn’t able to talk to her because of how shy i am. Well i started to get made fun of during 6th grade… I don’t know if it is as bad as i think it is because i have really low self-esteem. The weird thing though was most girls were really nice to me and always came up to me and introduced themselves. But then everyone found out how ‘anti-social’ i am as people call me. It is mostly guys who make fun of me. My physical appearance and what i do. Up until that point in school i have always found my self an attractive person. I thought i was a good looking kid. Alright i should mention my friends. I had several friends that all skateboarded with me. I’m natural good at things so i was the best out of them so they really liked me and i could be myself around them. The person i want to be all the time…Middle school dragged on the same… then i came into the highschoolIn highschool i decided that i’m going to dress nice and look nice at all times. So i did and i do still… Girls still give me the same attention they always did. Telling me i should model etc. Well.. those few compliments are always destroyed soon by a kid calling me ugly. Not straight foward like that but more like ‘Yeah but you look like that…’ and stuff like that. It kills me on the inside and i know im ugly now. School went like that… i got asked out a few times and turned them down. because im shy.Alright soooo… i think i draged this story on long enough and im sorry… i think im half venting and half asking.So now i’m in 10th grade woo hoo… some freshman girls are calling me hot and stuff and sure it feels good. But other girls won’t talk to me. I have to admit i have kind of gotten over my shyness. Well guys are still dicks to me. I don’t know why… Sooooooo uugh… Uhm so there’s this girl i really liked ever since kindergarten and she is in one of my classes this year! She is super nice but i just can’t seem to tlak to her normaly and always say somthing stupid. Wellll she is the most popular girl the most attractive girl also in my school. and you know me now. Well first day she made a joke and i joked back and we hit it off great. Now she is always trying to talk to me but i never have anything to say back or can’t think of anything so it’s always kind of awkward. Ugh… help me… idk thanks for reading it all i think im only venting. But if you have any advice on how to help me then post it up here :p thanks 🙂
A: dude your probably a major chick magnet, you just don’t know it. Guys always used to call me ugly, and some still do, but alot of girls say im cute so hey, i dont give a crap about what guys think cuz im not gay! If girls say ur hot, then trust me your hot, so just tell the guys that call you ugly to fuck off, cuz they are just jealous lol.As far as confidence with girls, just remember all the girls that say ur hot, and you’ll feel more confident, it takes practice though, so it will take time. I’m in 9th grade, and I used to have really low self esteem, and my story is very similar to yours. I couldn’t talk to girls at all. Now, I flirt with any girl that I talk to, and like I said its just mad easy once you practice, so just jump out of your comfort zone, and flirt a little bit with this girl you like ;)even if life sucks now it will probs get better in college!!!!!
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