Can a girl get pregnant if she hasn’t had her first period

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Yes. Sometimes ovulation can happen just before a girl is about to have her first period. This means that she can be fertile MORE? [ Source: ]
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Can a 10-year-old girl get pregnant even if she has not had her f…?
・ If you have not started to have your periods because of your age then no, you can’t get pregnant. However … ・ You should go to your parents and tell them what happened. If you do not trust your parents with such …
Can a girl get pregnant by having sex when she first started her …?
You can even get pregnant before you get your period for the first time if he puberty have already kicked in. You can also get pregnant pretty much every day of the month incl when you menstruate. So protect yourself at all times!

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can you get pregnant by masturbating?
Q: okay so my friend told me this and asked me what i thought. i don’t know what to think or if it’s possible. so here it is, first she told me that she was really horny from some picture she saw and so she couldn’t find anything really, so she used like a highlighter of marker or brush handle or whatever. apparently, she’s creative. and she wasn’t on her period. so she’s been having a lot of bad cramps and she gaining a lot of weight and she thinks she could be pregnant. she hasn’t ever had sex. although, being the stupid one she is, she thinks that the one time she had it with our other friend (she was a girl), even though one girl had her underwear off and she had hers on, she thinks that counts as sex and that could be the reason. even though that was like more than a year ago.. she asked me if she could possibly be pregnant by masturbating by using whatever she could find around the house. what do i tell her?! she’s been driving me nuts asking me what i think every chance she gets.
A: No, it is IMPOSSIBLE, to get pregnant from masturbating, or from a girl, or a teddy bear, hairbrush, water whatever. Because, everyone has had an orgasm, and fluid does come out, it’s called ‘cum’ but, it’s not dude sperm, so its impossible. And, you would have to have it, inside of the vagina, and fertilize the eggs, and it would have to go pretty far. So, tell the girl that it’s absolutely no! 🙂
Do you think my girl friend is pregnant if all of this occurred in the last month?
Q: Me and my girlfriend had sex twice on September 26 and used a condom both times. When I took the condoms off, I did not notice any tears or leaking so I’m nearly positive they didn’t break. My girlfriend doesn’t remember which day she started her period in September but it was around September 10. It is now October 20 and she still hasn’t gotten her period. She was under a lot of stress a few weeks ago, but not around the time when she would have started. She has been off the pill for a few months and I’ve read that some women are effected by season changes and one has occurred this month. She took a first response gold hpt last Friday and it was negative. Basically, keeping all of this info in mind, do you think she is pregnant. Waiting for this week to be over so she can take another hpt is killing me!
A: stress could be a factor and also getting off the pill might have messed up her cycle and it is still trying to get back on a consistant track. If she took a prego test after she missed her peirod and it was negative, i wouldnt worry. There are a lot of factors that mess up a girls period. take another test just to be safe
I had a female-to-male transsexual having ago at me lastnight just cos i’m male-to-female?(long)?
Q: I asked a question about coming out to my Mum two days ago and this female-to-male transsexual(still currently a girl) answered and was being incredibly sexist towards women and at first I just thought it was a sexist guy and satrted saying things like, ‘I should think myself lucky i’m a boy’, ‘Girls are stupid’, ‘Girls are weak’, ‘Girls can’t do sport’, ‘Girls get pregnant’, ‘Girls are shorter’, ‘Girls have periods’, ‘Girls wear tight clothing and make-up’, ‘Girls have big chests and backsides’, ‘As a girl you’d be a lesbian’, ‘Girls can’t drink as much as men’, just practically endless sexism and eventually someone deleted her answer and she had ago at me for it when i hadn’t even done it and saying she’d done nothing wrong, she practically insulted anything female and also a few parts of the LGBT community, mainly lesbians and male-to-female transsexuals, but if she thinks lesbians are freaks, that just says what she thinks of about the rest of LGBTs and after what she said in the email she sent me I wish I had reprted her and got her question deleted. I mean i hate men ingeneral, i struggle to get along with them and I can’t stand them and I don’t understand why anyone would want to be a boy but i wouldn’t go up to someone female-to-male or a man and say what she practically said to me, it’s just my opinion and I keep it to myself.And i mean if I should think myself lucky I’m a man, what gives her the right to be complaining about being a woman then, until she can live with her gender I think I’ll carryon not liking my bio gender and eventually around 18-20years old become a girl, I’ve wanted to be one for 6years and after what she said I don’t think i’d listen to her as she has hardly any logic in her head and incase it hasn’t come to her head, maybe I want to be a weak lesbian girl and have perioods and be able to give birth and really i don’t give a shit about sports, and also maybe I want breasts and like wearing dresses and skin tight clothing, I love doing that, and I’d give anything to be able to have periods and give birth no matter how painful they are, I know it’s impossible currently but uit may be possible soon, lol and yesterday in the email she sent me, she said she played on the PS2 cos guys do that, so do I and my favourite videogames are Grand Theft Auto, doesn’t mean i like being a boy does it, it’s a matter of taste like sport is.I really think it’s bad that not all of the hectrosexual community can accept us and understand us but for someone out of the LGBT community to come out with that and also when she finally becomes a man, I’d like to see what girl dates her cos she must have very little self respect for herself. I just don’t get it, I mean as I said I can’t understand why someone would want to be a boy but that’s just cos i don’t like being a boy but I’d accept some if they’re female-to-male, I wouldn’t go up to someone who is female-to-male and say what she’d said to me and also, so what if I’d be a lesbian, who cares, that’s who I am on the inside.Have you ever come across someone like this who is LGBT?Also, what do you think of this person attitude towards LGBT and girls, I’ve come across sexist guys whio are less sexist?Also she said this, that my life would be a disaster as a girl, all my mates are girkls and I get so jealous of them cos they’re living my dream and I know other people who are male-to-female but have transitioned now and there life is everything I imagine being a girl is like, also she says she’s suffering as a girl, I’m suffering as a guy but I’m not coming up to you and saying live with it and stop moaning that you’re a girl.I’ve come across ignorant people in the past, but considering she’s transssexual and infact even if she wasn’t transsexual, I’d have to say she’s the most ignorant person I’ve met.When I put have you come across someone who’s LGBT and like this? I wasn’t saying LGBTs aren’t arrogant or ignorant, I’m arrogant and ignorant about things, I couldn’t say what but I can garantee I am, I just find it unusual for someone LGBT to be this arrogant and ignorant on this particular issue.She certainly hasn’t put me off transitioning, my minds well set on becoming a woman.
A: Wow that was a really interesting read. I find it incredibly ludicrous when people stereotype a gender as what has been listed in your question. Since when do males only play or have an interest in sport? I know heaps of guys that have fat asses and wear tight clothes or have man boobs. I know guys that wear make up and are short you know what I mean?Same for the opposite.In my own personal point of view a person going through a gender change does this because they do not physically or mentally feel that they are the “right” gender. Be it a chemical imbalance, hermaphrodite whatever. We are all born as human beings and who gives a rats ass if you once had a penis or vagina. If doing these things makes you feel complete who am I to judge?I love my friends for who they are and some of them are gay, lesbian, one is a cross dresser and I love it.The person who had a go at you really had no depth behind their opinion, they were really just justifying to themselves why they had their changes done. I hope that makes sense. There was so much emphasis put on their old self that they hated so much that they can’t understand why anyone else would want to be that gender. Once they overcome this self hatred they will quieten down thier opinions.Like I said earlier don’t be a hater because another person wants to be a male or female, it’s not about the gender. It’s about what makes that person feel complete and you love them for who they are not what they are. If I wasn’ engaged I’d be swinging both ways!!
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