Can early pregnancy keep you up at night

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It is estimated that as many as 75% of pregnant women suffer some kind of insomnia. The main cause of this is hormonal imbalance. [ Source: ]
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Can early pregnancy keep you up at night
It is estimated that as many as 75% of pregnant women suffer some kind of insomnia. The main cause of this is hormonal imbalance.

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3 Negative Tests but still haven’t gotten my period & have been feeling early pregnancy symotoms. possible?
Q: For one week now I’ve been feeling early pregnancy symptoms: first started off with the very tender breast and nipples, covered lots of sleep during the day and night, heartburn, and nausea. Other than that, I haven’t been feeling other things. When I eat some of my favorite foods (that I’ve never felt icky towards), I now feel like gagging it! and I haven’t had much of an appetite and when I do, I FEEL like throwing it up but I never do. I just get the feeling of gagging. When I’m in the car, I get dizzy and nauseous. When I try and sleep at night I have a hard time due to my painful breasts, I can’t get comfortable when I lay down at all! I’ve never experienced anything like this and I did lots of research on the web and it keeps pointing me to the pregnancy direction. PLUS I haven’t gotten my period. So I figured there could be a possibility that I’m pregnant so I bought pregnancy tests and all three of them came out negative. I’m so confused because I feel 85% sure that I’m pregnant but those negative tests threw me so off.What are the chances of the test being a false negative? and what are the reasons for that? Do you think there’s a possibility that I am pregnant??I have NEVER experienced these things before my expected period for the many years that I’ve been living. this is ALL new to me, my breast were never this tender enough to keep me from doing activities and especially keep me from sleep…Has anyone every had a false negative experience?
A: i did! i didnt find out i was expecting untill i was 10 weeks 4 days! (twin pregnancy!)i had no idea untill 10 weeks when i started to feel abit icky towards food! (not like me lol!)sadley i lost them both in august of last year! i got my next period on the 31st october and we TTC again i missed my period in november but was still getting negative tests but had lots of pregnancy symptoms like you! excactly 2 months after my last period AF reared her ugly head! so unfortunatly i wasn’t expecting! actually i just missed a period!i think that all the ‘SYMPTOMS’ i was getting were all little signs of something else! AND BECAUSE I WANTED IT SO BAD I JUST THOUGHT I WAS!all you can do is relax i know its hard but you will soon find out when you get a BFP or AF arrives?
lower back ache VERY early in pregnancy?
Q: well, we finally got the BFP we’ve been waiting for!! (Gonal-F is good stuff by the way – after two years of TTC#1 we switched to injectables and it worked on our first try!) So we’re THRILLED as can be… but my lower back, not so much. I haven’t even missed my period yet (but the pregnancy tests show a very clear positive), so I was very surprised to be getting symptoms so early. But I have. All the mild ones actually make me kind of happy because they are reaffirming that this is real (since I’m still not believing it totally)… but the back ache I could really do without. It kept me up ALL NIGHT last night, and made housework no fun at all today.Have any of you experienced this?? Is it a typical pregnancy symptom? Is there anything I can do to relieve it??yikes… not real thrilled about the answer that it’s a symptom of miscarriage… we’ve already miscarried once at 11.5 weeks (but I did not have any back pain at all), and I don’t think I could go through that again. I have PCOS so miscarriage is always on my mind (I’ve read that some studies show that women with PCOS have a 50-60% chance of miscarriage). But my dr. put me on Metformin, and that’s supposed to reduce the chances to near normal levels.
A: The hormones released during pregnancy, even early pregnancy, can soften the discs in your spine which in turn causes back pain. The pain is increased if you sit or stand for too long. It is a normal, but like any other symptom, not everyone gets it at the same time or the same severity, or sometimes not at all.
Dark veins and early pregnancy?
Q: Okay so I’m just a little freaked out here.I’m TTC so I’ve been keeping an eye out for anything unusual.My breasts have had sharp, shooting pains but no tenderness (only a little bit at random times) and an almost tingly feeling again at random times. I have large breasts so I can easily see my veins but this morning I noticed a few that had been there before but were much darker. I also have darker veins up over my chest and shoulders. I noticed this after getting out of the shower. I happened to look down at my arms and noticed that I can see tons of large blue veins ALL over the underside. A little unsettling. Ah and my nipples appear to be darker, a kind of purple/black. I had really bad back cramps last night before bed and I feel really wet (increased CM maybe?) So what do you ladies think? Did any of you have anything like this in early pregnancy? I’m 2.5 weeks away from AF so it’s too early to test. (I think I may have ovulated early or perhaps conceived the previous cycle)Thank ladies!
A: Dark nipples and increased visibility of veins in your breasts and abdomen are early sign of pregnancy, I don’t know about the arms though. Mine tend to be more prominent after an especially hot shower sometimes, was the shower super hot?
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