Can hermaphrodites get pregnant with themselves

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Hermaphrodites are usually sterile. If they do have functioning reproductive organs, they are either male or female organs. [ Source: ]
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Can hermaphrodites get themselves pregnant?
Human simultaneous hermaphrodites don’t exist. Among lower orders, members of certain hermaphroditic species are capable of impregnating themselves, although it appears to be a last resort when contact with another of the same species is no…
Would a hermaphrodite be able to get themselves pregnant??
Human being can not be hermaphrodites. Hermaphrodites are organisms that have both complete sets of reproductive systems. For example, slugs are hermaphrodites. They each have a penis and a vagina, and when they have sex, the both slime awa…

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Can hermaphrodites get themselves pregnant?
Q: Can they produce sperm? Or have intercourse with themselves?
A: No. One, they cannot get their wiener into their donut, if you get my drift, and two, they would not get pregnant, because their DNA is for them exclusively, and if their DNA interacts with itself, it would be like cloning, and also it would be like getting pregnant with a relative.
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