Can I be fired from my job if i am pregnant

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No,you can’t be fired b/c you’re pregnant.That would be discrimination.You should contact your Human Resource Dept. for more info. [ Source: ]
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Can I get fired from my job for getting pregnant??
You cannot be fired for being pregnant. However, if there is a layoff, you can definitely be included in it, pregnant or not. So, if your boss wanted to get rid of you and a layoff occured, he/she might include your name, and there wouldn’t…
Can my wife be fired from her job because she is pregnant? (doesn…?
Yes they can. If she was under the protections of FMLA they could not, however since she is not they can fire her when she runs out of sick leave.
Where Can I Work When I’m 5 Months Pregnant And I Got Fired From …?
What job were you on that they fired you because you were pregnant that is not even legal to fire someone because you are pregnant you need to complain to the labor board in you area,and lodge a complaint against the company for which you w…

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Wrongfully Fired from job & being denied unemployment?
Q: Situation: 2 weeks ago I was fired from a job I’ve been in for 2yrs. Only gave us a raise the 1st 3 mons (about 34 cent) we were there and never saw another raise again.I was obligated to do salesrep to earn extra $$ because they refused to give anyone a raise.So @ this point I am stressed mon-Fri with office work (front desk,translating,customer serv.counting & managing company money, my bosses wife’s work cause she’s hardly there and customers I went out and looked for myself every single day. Reason:so 2 weeks back I tell my boss that Friday I had a very important appointment to go to and I had to leave 4 hours earlier and so I asked him if I can use my lunch hours for 4 days (worked thru my lunch mon-thur) so I can make ends meet, I couldn’t afford to miss 4 hrs out of my paycheck, So it is now Wednesday and my Boss’s wife came in that day and @ about 12:50pm I start receiving phone calls from my mother and father telling me that my uncle has died in the hospital & came back to life from a Cardiac Arrest…so @ this point my mother is driving me crazy calling me to find out what room my uncle is in…so I step outside so I can talk to my family in private for only 5mins (mind you I haven’t had a lunch break siince I had an appointment that week’s friday)and my Boss’s wife runs after me (and she’s pregnant)saying,” since you are taking a break on our time I clocked u out for and hour so I hung up on my family and I went right back into the office and I said I was talking 5 minutes to breath I been going crazy in this office all this week and I already made a deal with my Boss (her husband) that I was using my lunch hrs cause I can’t afford to lose an hour out my paychecks because of the bills that need to be paid. So she get off her chair and starts yelling throwing things in my face, belittling me in front of my co-workers and then her husband (my boss) gets up and says to me “don’t forget I can fire you” and I say “why?! I just stepped out because I was on a private call with my family (which that’snever been an issue @ this private & family owned business, if you need to step out and deal with something private go ahead) then his wife tells me either you get up and go out for an hour or I am calling the police! So I say why are you calling the cops I didn’t do anything wrong? And my boss jumps up and says your Fired Get OUT of here!!!! Results: 2 weeks have gone by and this company had refused any unemployment claims I’ve made and I am going absolutely crazy to make ends meet, on Monday I open up an email sent to my yahoo from my Boss, Subject:What’s up? Email: hey are you coming back your job is still there? I’m gonna have to hire someone. You’ll have the same pay, same hours, same evrything if you want it.*just because this is a private family owned business ALL of this and more goes on and there’s no one there to tell them right from wrong or otherwise. WHAT SHOULD I DO?? My savings is running out.
A: You have to go back…if not your refusing work…..and that’s a solid reason for unemployment……an old @ss @ole boss did that to me early in my career………
I was fired today because I am pregnant and complained to my supervisors superior?
Q: I was just fired today from my job as a mobile phone sales associate who worked at a mall Kiosk. The official reason, is I failed a pop quiz this morning from my supervisor to know from memory 15 different mobile phone rates that was Emailed out 2 weeks ago. I was the only person to receive this quiz and obviously the only person fired.The real reason why I was fired: I’m 6 months pregnant and complained to my companies vice pressident about my supervisor not providing me with some breaks during the day from standing. After repeatedly being ignored by my supervisor about scheduling a break from my post at my Kiosk so I could take some weight off my feet since they are becoming increasingly swollen, I emailed my vice president about the situation. Instead of replying by Email he drove to my location to meet with me personally, and talk about the situation. My furious supervisor insisted on being in the meeting and glaring at me while I outlined the few things I had asked for and I think are required by law to provide employees regarding breaks. I knew he was upset, but didn’t think he would fire me 3 days later for failing an absurd test know one else had to take. I just can’t believe a vice president from a decent sized company would OK a supervisor to fire someone so blatantly for simply asking to be heard regarding breaks. My fellow employees encouraged me to go forward with my complaints and they are shocked I was fired in such a manner in such an obvious retaliation to a pregnant employee who has not missed any work and exceeded my sales goals while working overtime for other absent employees,I’m sure they will try to block my unemployment insurance, and I am terrified about trying to find another job while I’m waddeling around pregnant asking about a companies health insurance. This story has even more absurd details concerning innopropriate sexual relations between my supervisor and vice president that I’m sure also had a lot to do with me being fired. I know a lot of people feel wrongly terminated and seek out attorneys, I just don’t want to waste my time if it is a waste of my time.Joanie
A: where are you?in the US?MOST states do not require any breaks be given so that may have had absolutely nothing to do with this……….why did you not learn the information that was sent 2 weeks ago……….the fact is you were fired for a performance issue and there is nothing illegal about that. most likely you WILL be eligible for unemployment if you have the required qualifying income since termination for poor performance is NOT considered “cause”.throwing around I’m pregnant you must treat me different won’t work. the fact is being pregnant has no bearing on this and being pregnant does NOT entitle you to any kind of preferential treatment. you can NOT be treated negatively because you are pregnant but the law does not require that you be treated better then any other employee. EDIT:pregnancy does NOT meet the definition of a disability and the employer does NOT have to make an accommodation for you based on it. a ‘note’ from your doctor is nothing more then a suggestion, the employer does not have to follow those suggestions. if you can not perform the essential duties of the job then so be it………. it would be nice if the employer would try to assist you and many would but don’t even think that they have to….even in the states that recognize pregnancy as a disability the employer is NOT required to give preferential treatment, they simply can not discriminate against based solely on the fact the employee is pregnant. these same protections already exist under Title VII (pregnancy falls under sex discrimination) and that is why most states do not have separate statutes to address pregnancy specifically.just because an accommodation is asked for does NOT mean the employer must grant it. they must if it does not cause an undue hardship to the employer. working at a kiosk probably entails working alone or with very limited help and in such cases extra or any breaks may be consider unreasonable. these are all moot points because you were fired for a performance issue which is legal and which the employer has proof of. is it right?…who knows. can you make an accusation of discrimination?…of course you can.file for unemployment and see if they have cause to terminate you, if they don’t then proceed from there….
Collecting EI benefits in Canada when fired/pregnant?
Q: If I get fired from my job (I am in Canada) can I get unemployment easily? I am also 3 months pregnant. They are threatening to fire me for an issue that was never brought up before in the two years I have worked for them, and it is now all of a sudden an issue once I mentioned I was pregnant (although I am sure they will say they’ve mentioned it). I do not want to sue or anything like that, but I want to make sure that if I do get fired I can collect EI. I have never been on unemployment before either so I have years of hours banked. Would it be better for me to quit or wait until they fire me? I’m very stressed about this all and I don’t want to stress for the sake of my baby. Any help would be great! Thanks.
A: Generally speaking you can only collect EI if you’ve been laid off. If you’re fired or quit you’re not eligible (for regular benefits). Sounds like your company is trying to get rid of you before you take maternity leave, which is common. The government knows that this type of thing happens and they will conduct an investigation before making a decision on your claim.Whatever you do, do NOT quit. Just wait it out and keep notes while you do.See here for more information pay particular attention to the bottom of the page for if you feel you were fired unjustly.
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