Can pregnant women eat catfish

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Yes catfish is approved by the FDA for pregnant women. But it still should be consumed in moderation. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is catfish safe for pregnant women with its mercury level?If not,…?
Yes, catfish is safe for pregnant women. By following these 3 recommendations for selecting and eating fish or shellfish, women and young children will receive the benefits of eating fish and shellfish and be confident that they have reduce…

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how much fish can a pregnant woman have?
Q: how often can i at 7 months eat tilapia and catfish once a week once a month?
A: It depends on the sorts of fish. My doctor gave me a list of fish that are good (salmon, cod) and fish to avoid (tuna, swordfish, shark, bass snapper, mackrel)She said that having the good fish 1-2 times a week (about 12 ounces worth) is good for the baby’s neurological development and can also decrease my chances of post-partum depression.I don’t know about tilapia, but I do know that catfish has fairly low mercury levels– higher than salmon but lower than cod. I think that it would be safe. Of course ask your doctor to be sure.
how many of you think?
Q: so how many of you think that shrimp is bad for a pregnant woman to eat? i mean a lot of it in one week. I am a seafood loving girl, but i can deal with catfish and trout. but i cant go without my shrimp.does anyone think that too much shrimp (company caught and all) have an effect on baby. (i am 19 weeks)luckily i get too nauseas at the smell of tuna! Lol. i know a can of tuna a week is good (the little 6 oz cans of it) lol but the smell usually makes me gag. lollol janet, ur not guilty unless proven that way:p
A: I dont think there is nothing wrong with eating shrimp I ate ALOT of it while i was prego because i craved it soooo much(oh and thanx for answering my question and i know what you mean about diseases being transmitted through the tubes i never used the breast pump my insurenced went ahead and ordered it for me because i was planning on pumping when i went back to school but i dried up so i couldnt so it was NEVER used but thanx again for being concered i wouldnt put anyone in that situation)
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