Can quadriplegic women get pregnant

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Assuming that being quadriplegic is her only malady, there’s no reason she can’t get pregnant! ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can quadriplegic women get pregnant
Assuming that being quadriplegic is her only malady, there’s no reason she can’t get pregnant! ChaCha!

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What’s your opinion on a woman aborting a baby she knows would be disabled?
Q: I haven’t been in the situation, I’m only 17, but I have experience with my sister. My little sister is 12 and was born with severe spina bifida, she can’t walk, is basically quadriplegic and really fragile, she’s always had to be fed, diapered, bathed, dressed, carried around, etc…. My mom knew about it when she was pregnant, my dad wanted her to get an abortion, but she didn’t. My sister needs so much care, it can be really hard and time consuming but I have always helped my mother with her so much. She’s normal mentally, she can talk and is a pretty girl, she’s a huge part of my life and is my best friend. Would you get an abortion with a baby like this or a baby with any other severe disability? Do you think a mother is a bad person if she chooses to abort a baby she knows would be disabled?If i ever was in such a situation there are certain cases where I would choose abortion, it would just depend. Although I love my sister more than anything and try to help her have the fullest life possible.If my parents are ever unable to help my sister when they’re older I will be there for her as much as I can.
A: My family has gone through what your family has gone through. My mother gave birth to a severely handicapped child who, like your sister, is mentally normal but physically unable to do anything for himself. She would never have had an abortion if she knew ahead of time what his life would be like, even if it were legal at that time. I understand how you feel; I’ve walked in your shoes. Have your parents thought about who will care for her when she’s an adult and they have passed on?I know, more so than anyone, what it takes to care for a seriously disabled child, and I would never, ever, EVER judge or condemn a woman who decided to abort a handicapped baby. I made the choice never to become pregnant, as did my sisters. God bless you and your family.
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