Can you ask your crystal ball if I am pregnant

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Can you ask the crystal ball if I’m pregnant’m-pregnant
The Magic 8 Ball says “NO”.

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Nipple changes in very early pregnancy… similar experiences?
Q: I will be finding out on Tuesday at my dr’s if i am pregnant. i am a week late on my period, and i have been having mild cramps and breast soreness since 10 days ago. (among other things..fatigue, moody, lots of etc) i got a bfn 1 day after i missed AF. I’m not deterred, however, since my symptoms have not gone away, i’ve been noticing new things (which i know can mean anything) i’m not testing again because i will be going to dr’s soon, and it’s only 3 weeks after possible conception, so instead of wasting money ,, i’m just holding out a few more days =)that said.. my nipples and areolas have changed. you know those bumps (montgomerey’s tuburcles) that come and go with your period? well, mine have gotten big..especially around the nipple.. they almost seem ‘bunched’ up..and my the space around the nipple seems puckered almost.. i know breast changes are common, but has anyone noticed something like this early in pregnancy?? just curious.and, just a forewarning, if you reply with “take a test” or ‘go see your doctor’ you will receive a thumbs down, because you obviously did not read my question and just want points. i’m not asking anyone to read a crystal ball, just share if you’ve had this symptom.. thank you!!! =)thanks everyone for sharing!tori lyn…yeah, it happens to me when they get cold too..i just forgot to mention =) good luck with all your pregnancies everyone..!!
A: yessss i am 5 weeks preg…..and my nipples are changing the same way….the bumps are more raised up then they used to be….and when they get cold now they kind of wrinkle like that
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