Can you drink green tea while pregnant

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Can drink green tea while I’m pregnant?
Yes you can, but in moderation. Even if it’s caffeine free, you shouldn’t drink a ton of it. The antioxidants in it limit the amount of folate your body is absoribing, and you need that folate.
Can i drink green tea while pregnant?
It is safe to drink Green Tea in moderation when you are pregnant. Some doctors are concerned with how it will affect folic acid levels in the body. Caffeine is also present in green tea which should be limited during pregnancy. It is safe …
Is it safe to drink green tea while pregnant?
I just read an article about this not too long ago. Drinking a cup or two of green tea is not harmful however drinking large quantities can cause spinal and neural problems. The article stated that the reason for this seems to be that the g…

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Can i drink Green Tea while pregnant?
Q: i am talking about Lipton Green Tea to go…the packets that you mix in with water. I don’t drink it hot. it’s sugar free, but has Splenda. i am 10 weeks.
A: There is about 60-100 mg cafeine in a cup of coffee. There is about 40 mg cafeine in a cup of black and orange Pekoe tea (Lipton). Usually there is 10 or less mg of cafeiene in a cup of green tea. So, I would say it’s safe for you to drink green tea while pregnant. Splenda is also approved by most OBGYN. My personal opinion – everything is good in moderation, so I would not overdo it with artificially sweetened drinks.
Can you drink Green Tea while being pregnant? and why?
A: Like any other caffienated drink I’d say no more then 1 cup a day…just like one can of soda a day. Some OB’s still say “none” but most are loosening up on those ideas and are saying “one” a day is fine…Also- they do make decaffienated Green Tea which would be absolutely okay to drink if you desired…Caffeine Content Comparisons The following is the approximate caffeine content of various beverages Milligrams of Caffeine Item Average per serving Coffee (5 oz. cup) 90 Cola (12 oz. can) 45 Black Tea (one tea bag) , 40 Green Tea (one tea bag in 8 oz) 20 Decaf Coffee 5 Decaf Tea (one tea bag in 8 oz) 2 Herbal Tea (one tea bag in 8 oz) 0
I know you can’t drink green and herbal teas while pregnant, but what about Lipton’s new white tea?
Q: Is that safe during pregnancy?
A: Up to 300 mg of caffiene a day is considered “safe”. White tea has a little caffiene, but not enough to worry about.Where did you get your info about herbal tea? There are very few herbal teas that are dangerous during pregnancy, many are beneficial. Mint is good for morning sickness, rasberry leaf is an all over pregnancy tonic, Rooibos and berry teas are just plain tasty and totally harmless.
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