Can you take a bath when you’re pregnant

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Pregnant women can take baths as long as the water is under 100 degrees F. If too hot, the blood flow to the fetus is reduced. [ Source: ]
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Can you take a bath when pregnant?
Yes, however during the last month you may have passed what is known as the mucous plug (it covers the inside of the cervix and protects the baby from infection. ) If you have dilated and passed the plug you are better off taking a shower.
Is it ok to take a bath when you’re pregnant?
I have a spotBirthmarks – pigmented Liver spots Measles, koplik spots – close-up Mongolian blue spots on my back that has bothered me my WHOLE pregnancy and I feel like my heating pad is permently attached to my back, lol. I love my baths h…
Why is it dangerous to take a hot bath when you’re pregnant??
Hot baths will be fine, as long as its not a LONG hot bath. There is a potential danger to the developing fetus if your body temperature rises above 102 degrees. You can raise your body temperature to this level by getting a fever, by exerc…

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i’ve heard different stories about taking a bubble bath when you’re pregnant. Can it really hurt the baby?
Q: i’m 7 months along and dying to just lay out in the tub and drink my grape juice! i just want to relax.haha jeez i can’t believe i’ve gone 7 months without a bath, only showers….it’ll be so nice to relax…
A: I take a bath atleast twice a week. It is much more comfortable and I have bad hip pains and the warm water helps. You can take a bath as long as its not too hot…normally how you usually take your baths…your body will tell you if it’s too hot or too much for you b/c you will start getting hot, sweaty and dizzy and that’s your warning to get out. The only time you shouldn’t take a bath is when you lose your mucus plug or water breaks.
Sex in the tub when pregnant?
Q: Can you have sex in a bathtub when you’re pregnant..?Doesn’t seeeem dangerous; it’s clean water… But I don’t know, hence why I’m asking, ha.I’m 27 weeks if that makes any difference..Alsooo, if the water isn’t steaming is it okay to take a bath???? I know people always take baths when pregnant but I don’t know how hot is too hot..? I know a hot tub is too hot, but I’m not sure how hot too hot is for a bath tub.. If that at all makes sense, haha.
A: i would say it was ok if you werent under the water….maybe doing it doggie style so your not under the water might work….i have done it doggy style in the tub but the water wasnt very high it was just to where i could feel the water on my legs
How do you deal with being around people who are sick when you’re pregnant?
Q: Now I really hate to be all crazy paranoid pregnant lady, but I’ve got quite enough going on with my body and quite enough to worry about without having to think of falling sick. When my fiance had the flu early in my pregnancy, he stayed completely away from me for the entire thing, he even slept in the guest bedroom and spent his days sanitizing the entire house while I was gone. And any other family members I have who have been ill have been nice and just stayed away until they were feeling better. But I work full time in an office, and there is a woman who sits very close to me (about 5 feet away) who is VERY sick. She missed work for several days and now she’s back and she is coughing and hacking and sneezing all over everything (gross!) and she just came back from the bathroom complaining loudly about how she just barfed up all of her lunch, only to sit at her desk behind me and turn her fan on full power so that it’s blowing on ME and now she’s coughing and such INTO THE FAN and I feel like I’m taking a bath in her sick germs. Am I crazy and being selfish or is this kind of inconsiderate? And not just because I’m pregnant! I hate it when people insist on working (or send their kids to school) when they are sick and contagious.So really, how would you handle something like this? Am I being irrational? I can’t really ask her to turn her fan off so that her sickness isn’t blowing on me, she’ll think I’m nuts…
A: You are not being irrational! Nobody that is close to me will come near me when they are sick. & you really can confront her about it! If you don’t feel comfortable doing so then go to your boss & your boss will have to do it. It is unhygienic the way she is acting. I would wash your hands before touching your face at all in work & carry clorox wipes with you to wipe the phone off it you have to share one. Who cares what she thinks? You need to do what is best for you & your baby.I had a neighbor that I was talking to that kept hacking into the air and moving closer & closer to me. I kept backing away and she’d just keep coming closing coughing all over the place. I finally said to her “Are you sick or something?” & she told me it was her allergies. I was really rude about the way that I said it to her & she stopped bringing herself closer to me while we were talking. I would just say to her that you can’t afford to get sick right now could she please cough the other way.
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