Can you take any pills when your pregnant

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Anti-depressants and some antibiotics are safe to take during pregnancy. Your doctor can tell you what is safe to take and when. [ Source: ]
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Can you take any pills when your pregnant
Anti-depressants and some antibiotics are safe to take during pregnancy. Your doctor can tell you what is safe to take and when.
Can i take prenatal pills if im not pregnant??
Yes, you can take prenatal pills if you are not pregnant. Many women who are thinking about trying to conceive take prenatal pills to prepare their bodies for an upcoming pregnancy.
I’ve taken 3 of the white pills… am I pregnant??
If you are on the white/sugar pills you should still be protected as long as you are taking your BC pills regularly and around the same time every day. You may just be getting your period in a couple of days, wait a few days and take anothe…

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When you take birth control pills can you get pregnant during the sugar pill week?
Q: Can you get pregnant if you skip that week?Why exactly are there sugar pills?If you take your pills every day around the same time and never mess up is there any time of the month that you can get pregnant?I know abstinance is the only 100% fool proof way and that the pill does not protect against stds….
A: No You wont get pregnant if you don’t take the sugar pills as long as you have taken all of the other pills in your pak everyday on time and not with antibiotics. These pills are there to help you not to forget taking your bc pills. Most people need a daily routine to be established in order to follow the 3 week on 1 week off bc cycle and these “sugar” pills does it for them. As long as you are not taking bc pills and antibiotics for any reason ie dentist etc. then they will work and as long as taken daily at approx the same day. If taken with antibiotics then the hormones are reduced and ovulation can occur and if this happens and you have sex at the same time you can get pregnant. Other than that you should be covered. While abstinence is 100 percent fool proof it is not idealistic for most people so don’s stress especially if you are already sexually active. When i took my bc pills as prescribed i never got pg. when i didn’t choose to take them WHAM i got pg the next month,
can you get pregnant when taking the last week of pills for your birth control?
Q: i take ortho tri-cyclen. my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex. he usually pulls out before he cums but he thinks he might have cum a little. am i still protected or should i be worried?i took all of my pills this month in correct order and didn’t miss any.
A: you can actually potentially get pregnant during any stage of taking the pill…..they’re not 100% believe me, i know!
What are the chances of getting pregnant during your week off the pill when you haven’t had a period?
Q: I have been on birth control for about 9 months now and up until two months ago I’ve had a regular period. Two months ago I had very little breakthrough bleeding the third week on my pills and no period while on the placebos. This month I haven’t had any breakthrough bleeding and I didn’t have a period.I know that taking birth control can shorten the length of your period and even make it so you don’t have one. But what are the chances getting pregnant when that happens?
A: Very little. The pill works because it makes the uterus uninhabitable, discouraging a fertilized egg from attaching and growing. It’s possible to get pregnant on the pill but unlikely, and it can happen at any point during the cycle.
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