Can you throw down in a fight

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I personally am a nonviolent pregnant woman so I doubt I could/would throw down. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Is it time for Obama to throw down the gloves and fight dirty lik…?
So, calling opponents racists and liars and spinning the facts to suit them isn’t considered “dirty”? Kerry did in fact fight quite dirty; his problem was that he could not refute the charges of the Swiftboat Veterans. To this da…
Did ghostface throw 50 down a fight of steps?
Lol, that would be so damn funny if he actually did.

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who would win in a fight?
Q: ahh politics. its just a big fight. think how these people would come out if someone were to pit them up against each other. you can answer as many of these as you like. or as fewSarah Palin vs Michelle Obama (a knock down throw-down fight, and in speech giving )Sarah Palin vs Hillary Clinton (a fight and a debate )Barack Obama vs Geroge W Bushdick cheny vs john mccaingeorge w bush vs a 5 year old child ( foreign policy debate )john mccain vs heart disease ( a fight to the death )
A: Look at it thru the eyes of a boxer! So here’s how I see it…(1) Michelle has the arm reach advantage, plus shes a dancer. Look for “Scorchin” Sarah Palin to be the recepient of Michelle’s stacato left jab. Palin mouses under the right eye early on & has trouble reaching let alone landing on Michelle. Palin counted out early in the forth after a Michelle flurry deposits Palin on the canvas!(2) “Scorchin” Sarah Palin has both the youth AND this time the reach advantage! But she’s up against Hillary “Hitman” Clinton. Hillary is freash off a defeat at the hands of “Brutal” Barack Obama! Hillary is in NO mood for a repeat defeat & takes the center of the ring immediatly!With her Chug a chug motion she relentlessly stalks Palin like a “Smokin” Joe Frazier. Palin, back to the ropes is caught by the Hillary hook as Palin tries to slide out of the corner to gain room. Palin counted out at 2:28 in the first round!(3)”Brutal” Barack vs. the “Bushwhacker! Barack has both the youth & arm reach plus “thunder” in his right hand. Barack’s weak point is…he can’t take a hit, he can give em but can’t take em.The Bushwhacker…awkward style, a stalker bob & weave kinda guy with KO power in either hand! Barack gives the Bushwhacker room in the opening round so to gauge the current chimp er I mean champ. This proves a fatal mistake for Barack as the Bushwhacker comes in underneath Barack’s pumping left jab & goes to the body with both hands. At the end of the first round Barack is on rubber legs, while the Bushwhacker is more than ready for the next round.Barack tells his chief corner man to cut the laces & pull the gloves as he can’t go back. A dissapointing ending for all.(4)”BIG DICK” Cheney vs. John “slow bear” McCain. Physically their fairly evenly matched. Both are flat footed “plodders” that lack any & all ring grace. This is a toe to toe slug fest & neither is above “fouling” the other opponent. McCain & Cheney collide at the center of the ring in a primitive two fisted slugfest as it’s the only way they know how to fight.Both are out of shape, badly, & it quickly shows up! All but punched out from exhaustion, their leaning on one another at the end of the round so they both don’t collapse. Neither has the stamina or power to continue at the start of the second round & the ref calls it a no contest & stops the bout.
how to fall down in a fight?
Q: In martial arts, which is prefer choy li fut kung fu, when someone throws u how do you fall down without most injury, my friend takes aikido and when i flip him over he can fall without a lot of pain, how do i do this? i cant ask my friend because he moved.
A: Performing a break fall properly is mainly to protect your head and spine.You have to start out by doing a forward roll and standing straight up afterwards, then do a roll stop by going through the roll and throwing your hands and feet out to stop then start going into shoulder rolls (almost like a hlaf cart wheel only you land on your shoulder and follw through to your feet. and again doing a shoulder roll stop by throwing your left hand straight out (palms down) to stop you, along with throwing your right leg over your left to help with the stop.I would suggest you get tips from someone near you (or better yet; enroll in a school) who studies Aikido or Hapkido since they have similar concepts.
Writing song for a band, what do you think?
Q: Please be constructive. I make serious money from my writings, and so a welcome good critiques.Inspired by Band of Horses, so what do you think?Defeated At The Hands of TroyA miss-guided heroSlain by the hands of the chosen the stain of my passion thrown down on stones so far from youin the distance, you hear me call, for your love, for your loveOh, wouldn’t you want to know, wouldn’t you want to knowhow the shine of your love calms me soa new release into the atmosphere of Greece, into your streams, flows my beckon callthe fear of the last shine, for them to seeThe shinehe is thrown downthe fight,the fight, oh you know it’s not overby the powers of 10, it’s what you expect from him indeeda hero’s cry, with beauty and power he fights defeatThe battle goes on beyondan immobilize heart irrigates the words that we speakintermediate clashes of memories guided by a warm compassfor we are lions, for love, passion, and honor we stand as a fleetbut I know you cry sometimes, for strength can only cloak itself so deepThe shinehe is thrown downthe fight,the fight, oh you know it’s not overby the powers of 10, it’s what you expect from him indeeda hero’s cry, with beauty and power he fights defeatNo herono glorySlain by the hands of Troy
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