Can your stomach become hard if you are pregnant

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The “hardening” of the stomach all depends on the individual. If you are extremely slim, you might notice a small, hard MORE [ Source: ]
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Can your stomach become hard if you are pregnant
The “hardening” of the stomach all depends on the individual. If you are extremely slim, you might notice a small, hard MORE
How soon does your stomach become hard in pregnancy??
You would have to be 14-16 weeks to even notice your lower abdomen being firmer in conjunction with pregnancy. If you get pregnant you don’t get periods. You can have some spotting or light bleeding but not a period. You are probably just r…
When does your stomach become hard and stiff when you’re pregnant…?
My stomach already feels hard and round and I am only 2 months. I am very petite though, weighing only 95lbs. I am roughly 5’0. So, that could by why? I have no idea. But my stomach from belly button down is round and hard and when weari…

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I think my 10 year old may be pregnant! Please give me advice on what I should do.?
Q: We have three dogs, 2 of which we have bred a few times each. Dimin, the eldest, 10, might be pregnant again. We have a completely enclosed yard and I’ve made sure there are no ways for a dog to get in or out. Dimin is in good health, though her joints bother her sometimes, especially her hips. If she is indeed pregnant, this would be her 4th 5th or 6th time. We have had complications with my other dog, Cinny, with her last Pregnancy and had to have an emergency C-section a week and a half early, all the puppies were healthy and went to good homes and cinny is well. My mom refuses to bring Dimin to the Vet until she starts to show signs of complications and sickness, though i think we should bring her to the vet to get her checked out and make sure she is healthy enough to have pups or if we should abort and get her spayed. The reason i think she may be pregnant is because her stomach has become large and swollen like and hard. We can feel puppy like lumps in her tummy and her nipples seem like they are becoming bigger. She is also sleeping a lot more and eats more as well. Just like all the other times she has been pregnant. I am a very worried mommy, please don’t think ill of me. I know she shouldn’t be pregnant, she is much to old and could have serious complications. I want to keep my baby forever. Thank you for your time and please give me advice on what I should do exactly. Should I leave it and see what happens? Bring her when she starts acting sick? Or should I bring her to the vet right away and get her checked out and see whats going on?I appreciate you guys helping out. And just so you guys know, Cinny is spayed, Nila, the youngest, we arent going to breed her, but we dont want to put her through the stress of surgery, and neither for dimin. The last time we bred her was when she was 5 and it was her 4th litter. We are very responsible breeders and have a good relationship with out vet and my animals are very healthy, so are all the puppies we have had, even cinnys difficult litter. They all went to good homes as well. And I donate and volunteer at the SPCA so I know all the troubles with strays and such. I brought dimin to the vet myself to get her checked out, she isnt pregnant, but the vet doesnt know what it was, but its gone now, she is a fit around as she was before. I just have to bring her back if it happens again. By the way I am 14 and I paid for it myself, which wasnt easy. My mom was only hesitant with bringing her to the vet because recently life has happened and we are feeling a pinch money wise. thanksSo I would appreciate it if those of you who were a little less than understanding would try to be so next time anyone puts up such a question. Sure, maybe some of them could have done a bit better but they are only putting up the question because they are concerned. Haha oh and the only reason I was unsure of how many times my dog had puppies was because I was scared for my old darlin and have terrible memory, put those two together and you forget which is left and which is right! Haha we keep records in a file for all our pets. They are all well, thanks 🙂 sorry, I guess im a bit offended by some of the slightly rude comments, anywho, have a good day. I know i will knowing my baby is fine and not a preggo. gosh I was so worried~! I know she is much to old lol but they sure do love running on a treadmill!
A: I’d have her to the vet immediately. It could be tumors as easily as pups you are feeling. A 10 year old should be spayed anyhow to prevent pyometra. If you can’t be responsible breeders who do all this FIRST, you should get them ALL spayed:1. Contact a breed club for your breed. Ask for a mentor.2. STUDY the breed standard. Learn about dog anatomy and ask your mentor toclarify anything you don’t understand.3. Learn what genetic faults and diseases run in your breed and test for anythat can be tested for.4. Show your dog in conformation events to see if it is of the properquality for breeding. Winning doesn’t always mean a dog is breeding quality,but being around so many others that know your breed and will talk to youwill do wonders for your self-education efforts!5. Study the past history of great dogs in your breed. You will see how yourbreed has improved and progressed since the beginning of the breed.6. Study the breed standard some more! ;-)7. Join any Yahoo groups about your breed.8. Live, dream and study your breed.9. Get a good book on canine reproduction, and educate yourself about thepitfalls, problems, and proud moments of breeding. Learn about thephysiology of reproduction, such as heat cycles and venereal diseases indogs, potential for problems specific to your breed, and what you need toexpect at whelping.10. Remember that whelping (giving birth) can kill your female. Being usedas a stud dog can encourage bad behaviors common in intact males such asterritorial marking, aggression, and desire to roam from home.11. Prepare to be broke. Breeding properly is EXPENSIVE.12. Line up potential homes for any puppies you produce and write up acontract. Remember to include that you will be willing to take back yourpuppies at any time in their lives that they might need you. If you bringlife into this world, it is your responsibility FOREVER.13. Prepare to spend sleepless nights attending whelping females, caring forfading puppies or puppies orphaned, and practice cleaning up after 24/7 poopmachines.I’m sure there are many things I missed because being a responsible breederisn’t just a job. It’s a way of life. You will live dogs. 24/7/365. Thereare lots of hard decisions. There is a lot of expense. There will be pain.But, if you do your darndest to always keep the welfare of your dogs and thefuture of any of their offspring, you can go to step 14.14. Enjoy the love and success of a job well done.
I’m 15 and pregnant and alone!?
Q: Okay, i don’t want anyone to judge me here.If your here to judge then you can get lost!So my names Jack and as you have already gathered i’m 15 and pregnant.I’ve took 8 pregnancy test and each one of them has confirmed it and to be quite honest i’m petrified.I can’t tell anyone my parents will freak. And the Father.. well hes out of the question.You see he’s in a band, and they were on a tour and well.. we kinda hooked up. I lost my virginity too him. We lasted eight days before he had to go away. He doesn’t have any idea how old i am. He never asked. He’s 21 i think.I have tickets to his concert on 30th September. But i can’t tell him! How can I? I mean for one i was really stupid in not telling him my age. But if i do tell him my age and he wants anything to do with the baby then he’ll get done for touching kids. But he really wasn’t like that!I know i’ve messed up big time. And everything is horrible at the moment. I’ve always had big hopes for my life.. To become a photographer and have kids later on. I can’t now! I hate my self. Abortion is out of the question, i couldn’t live with my self if i got rid of it. It’s like killing someone.I would say that i’m about eight weeks pregnant.What should i do? I could proberly hide my pregnancy all the way. I’m tiny im a Uk size 4. USA size 0. So i could just wear baggy jumpers. I dont really have a belly yet, my stomach just feels hard now.I can’t tell the dad when i go and see him on September 30th? Or should I? What should i say??xxThe father never asked how old i was.. or i would of told him i was 15.If i do tell him and he comes foward he could get done for peodaphilia. and i dont want that on my head. Hes a good guy, and i will proberly get jumped by fan girls!
A: Well, I think you should tell him and your parents! Yes it will be hard, but that’s what being all grown up is about!! Yes your parents will be mad, but they will still love you and can get you to a doctor and can help you decide to keep the baby or give it away to a couple. Not trying to be mean, but you made your bed, and now you have to lie in it!!
Attention: Pregnant Women or Woment who’ve been pregnant……….?
Q: Is it normal to be pregnant, but not feel pregnant. I am about 8 weeks along, (6 weeks if you subtract the extra 2 weeks that is added), but I dont experience much of the symptoms of pregnancy. I feel some cramps now and then (my uterus stretching), I am always hungry, but i dont have any of the morning sickness, breast tenderness, etc. I was wondering is this normal. I know that every woman’s body is different, but can carrying a child be this easy for a woman? I know that it will get harder as I get further along, but I dont understand it. This is my first pregnancy and I dont really know what feeling pregnant is like. At one point in time, I thought that something was wrong with my baby, but the doctor says that I am just fine. Please share your experiences with me………..Thanks in advance.FYI: I always thought that because my period use to make me throw up and feel sick to my stomach, that I would also feel this way when I became pregnant, this is not the case though.
A: I was 6 months pregnant before i found out and i never felt pregnant. So yes there is a chance of being 8 weeks pregnant and just not feeling it
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