Could you get pregnant while being on birth control

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Yes! There is a chance of getting pregnant while on birth control. Birth control is 99% effective, but that 1% could be you!ChaCha [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant while being on birth control and having your…?’re+having+your+period+and+being+on+birth+control
No if birth control is working 100% but the percentages are really about 98%. Yes if you are having your period.
Can you still get pregnant while being on birth control??
Yes, no birth control is 100% affective.
Can you get pregnant while being on the birth control shot??
The only proven 100% guaranteed safe sex method is abstinence. (not counting Mary 2000 odd years ago)

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Could I have gotten pregnant while on birth control and then had a miscarriage and not know it?
Q: Okay, I had a period that was very light. I’m not even supose to have periods. Then 2 days later I had this extermley bad pain where you cramp at. I have never gotten cramps before. It hurt so bad, I couldn’t walk and it was for 3 days straight. After the thirda day, I went pee and this big blob of blood and mucus looking stuff came out. It was the size of my hand. Could I have gotten pregnant and not know it and then had a miscarrige all while on the shot?!
A: It doesn’t sound like it to me, This sounds really gross but sometimes you have a buildup of stuff on your uterus walls and then your body expels it. I’d go get checked out though.
Could I be pregnant while on birth control pills?
Q: I am taken orthro-try-cyclen lo….I have taken this before I became pregnant and after…Right now I have been on it for almost 9 months and recently my pills got out of order by the day…The day would be Tuesday and the pill pack would say like Thursday. So I got myself back on track and now the past two periods I had was going into my third white pill..Is this normal or could I be pregnant? I know that the pill is suppose to make you have side effects like being pregnant…but my breast have that tingle feeling even when I am on my period..Some one please help give me some answers…Let say if I took a pregnancy test and it said negative…is it normal to continue bleeding till the third white pill…if you start around the 4th or 3rd green pill to the last…Because this is the second month it has happened to me and this has never happened to me before….
A: It is very possible that you may be pregnant. I did the same thing with my pills and i took 4 pregnacie tests and they all came back negative. I went to the doctor and i was about 6 months pregnant. If i were u i would go see my doctor and have them due a blood test to make sure.
Can you get pregnant while taking birth control pills?
Q: I have been taking the pill for about 5 months and have had a period regularly for 4 months. Then, this month I started my period, and Im educated on the different coloring, normally dark brown when first starting and while finishing a period. But anyways, my periods have normally lasted 4 days, however, this period started, has lasted about two days and has just been the darker color versus being a normal bright red coloring. I had unprotected sex last month and am worried I could possibly be pregnant. What is the likelihood that this is a possibility?
A: You can get pregnant on the pill (only abstinence is 100% effective), but it doesn’t sound like you are. Usually when I think of implantation spotting, it’s very short like not even a day. You may see a little brown blood on the toilet tissue but there won’t be any blood, on a sanitary napkin or following toilet trip, after that. If you bled for 2 days I would just chalk it up as a fluke reaction to your pill. But that’s just a guess. Every woman is different so I would of course take a test just to be sure.
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