Do cats go into heat when pregnant

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All female cats that have not been spayed will come in heat at stages in their lives. This means they are able to get pregnant. [ Source: ]
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How old does a cat have to be to go into heat and get pregnant??
I think your cat is in heat. Cats DO go into heat at about 4 months (the range is usually between four and ten months) so it’s possible she could be in heat. However, if she ran away a few days ago, it’s very possible she could be pregnant….
When a cat gets pregnant do they stop howling and go out of heat …?
If you don’t want strong opinions on spaying, you shouldn’t put the question here on Answers. Lots of people are 100% against breeding animals and they aren’t shy about their opinions. The cat should quiet down quickly if she did become pre…
Can A Female Cat Get Pregnant The First Time The Go Into Heat??
Yes, a cat can become pregnant during a first heat. She would need to be bred. Cats are very prolific breeders so if she was bred it is likely she is pregnant. Have your cat spayed to prevent unwanted litters; feline overpopulation is a hug…

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when does a kitten/cat go into heat?
Q: we think my cat/kitten is pregnant but we are not sure they said we need to know when she went into heat so we need to know the average age of a kitten when they go into heat?
A: Kittens can go into heat as early as five months. At this age, it is very dangerous for them to have kittens. They are still kittens themselves and not fully developed. Their small organs have to be moved around to make room for the kittens. I suggest that you get her spayed before she has the kittens so that you do not risk her life.
When female cats go in heat do they bleed?
Q: I know that when female dogs go into heat they bleed and you have to buy speical diapers for them. Well I have a boy and girl kitten, they are 5 month old. And I know that when they are 6 months old the girl can go into heat. I want to get both of them fixed but right now i only can afford to fix one of them. I want to get the boy fixed so he doesnt spray all over! But I would rather get the girl fixed first if she bleeds all over when she is in heat. They are indoor cats so i know that she wont get pregnant if i get the boy fixed first! But does she bleed when she is in heat?
A: No she doesn’t bleed when she’s in heat.Instead she’s most likely to become very affectionate, roll around on the ground, crouch & lift her bottom up & also make loud wailing meow noises … the meowing is why when a cat is in heat they sometimes call it calling.Females can come into season for the first time – anywhere between about 6 & half months old (though that is early) to just past a year (if you’re lucky)As they don’t go out, I think you’re wise to get the boy done first … however watch out for your female as she may try to escape when she is calling.Good luck
Do human women go into heat like dogs ?
Q: I am wondering if maybe human females put off a scent to attract males when they are ovulating ? It seems more effiecient the way Dogs and cats go into heat, better chance of getting pregnant whne you know what time of the month you are fertilizing
A: Well yes do give off a smell but men cant smell it animals can though. Back in the day men used to take women with them hunting when women where on there period so that the animals would come to them instead of going out to find the animal. People do give off there own sent though everyone has a sweet smell to them and not everyone likes how the other smells (natural sent only). Its kinda hard to explain all the tech. terms for it but in the simple way to put it yes everyone has there own sent and yes men are attracted to some women more then others casue of this sent and same goes for women we are more attracted to men whos natural smell is really sweet now PLEASE dont use it as a pick up line its not a sweet thing to say to a girl.
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