Do pregnant people really have a glow

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In pregnancy, blood volume increases by almost 50 percent. This can cause the cheeks of pregnant women to take on a reddish blush. [ Source: ]
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What do people mean when they say “you have the pregnant glo…?
When you look at them, their face look stressless and happy. But Honestly, you can’t explain it, it’s just a glow!

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people keep coming up to me telling me i look different and m face has a glow what does that mean? people ask?
Q: am i pregnant is a glowing face a sign? how can i tell if i haven’t really had any symptoms?
A: Yes, many women get a “pregnancy glow” for multiple reasons. Many women have a “Happy glow” because they are so happy to be expecting. But also, it is common for your glands to produce more oils, and also for acne to clear up (though for some it gets worse), and these things also create a glow. I would not rush to conclusions that you are pregnant over this though. But if there is a chance that you could be, take a test, it can’t hurt.
signs and feelings that i am pregnant. also people tell me i look it.?
Q: my boobs are in pain, wich had me thinking today mostly that i might be. I dont want to be pregnant, but it wont be a big problem if I am. The other day my boyfriend asked me if I was because I look like im glowing, and have gained a little bit of weight. My mom told me today with out me saying something that my face look swollen. I did not think anything of it until I looked up signs of pregnancy today, but I became really dizzy at work yesterday, I thought I was going to fall over! My rings wont fit! :(. Now I know a lot of yall hate this one:S but I had a dream I was and that I was surrounded by water fighting crazy dead people for my child. I dont want to go into the dream just that I had one involving water. I do feel bloated. OH and my best friend of 15 years since we were kids had a dream I was and told me at dinner the other night. We have not seen each other in two months, and I did not tell her I was feeling like I might be pregnant and still have not. I just told her that is crazy. I ran out of birth control. Now am I just freaking out and just gained weight and soon to be on my period, which by the way was very light and short last month, BUT with mine I can never tell how mine will be even with birth control. Sorry yall im lost and need your help:S I will probably set up and appointment to see the doc. but until then can someone help me? also if i am I drank the other day would that effect the baby, I dont ever drink! and i only drank half a beer, with my best friend because she was… and someone kind of hit me in my stomach not had but still hurt a tiny bit would that effect the baby.oh yeah and my gums have been bleeding easier when i brush my teeth and i use a soft brush!oh yeah one more thing:S i did take a test tonight and it said neg. but i know they are almost 50% not right on the neg. and 99.9% on pos. er…. stressing to much
A: All that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pregnant. Fist you should take a test. That is a big indicator. If it’s too early then wait to test. In the time being try (i know its hard) not to stress or worry about it too much because that could be the cause of the dreams and the sore breasts. Your body is thinking it could be pregnant because you are thinking it. Bodies and hormones are weird. As for the bloating, you could be getting ready for your period. When you’re period is about to start you can retain a lot of water in your face and fingers (personal experience). Good Luck. Hope it works out for the best.
Do you think i could be pregnant?? please help?
Q: hi 17 years old and on january 12 i had sex with my boyfriend and that was the day after or two days after my period and im not on birth control cause it made me sick and we had sex 4 or 5 times that day unprotected and now im worried that i might be pregnant. i usually have 3 day periods and irragular so not sure what to do cause i don’t know when i should get it but if its like the last one around the 7 to 10 at night or 11 not sure. and my leg hairs are growing so fast now i shave one day and the next day its hairy again where i gotta shave again. is that unusual?and… my mom said she sees that pregnant glow on my face. and people at my church prayed and had a dream that i was pregnant with a little boy so now im really nervous. please if you could help me that would help alot. thank you all of you!i had my period from jan 7 to the 10th
A: Ovulation usually is around day 14 of your cycle, so you may be safe, but semen can live several days and your ovaries can’t read a calendar. So wait until about February 10 and test with your first morning urine. If it’s positive, you’re pregnant and you need to see the doctor for prenatal care. If it’s negative, you’ll need to test again in a few days. If it’s still negative, you’ll need to see the doctor for birth control that will work for you. There are several kinds, not just the pill. Offhand, I can think of patches, shots, IUDs, and the Nuvaring.
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