Do women have to ovulate to get pregnant

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Unless she ovulates she will not release the egg required for pregnancy. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can a women get pregnant if she is not ovulating?
You can get pregnant when you are not ovulating. Sperm can stay alive in the uterus for two to three days, but your egg only lasts for 12-24 hours. So if there is sperm in your body when you do ovulate you have a higher chance of getting pr…
Does A Women Have To Be Ovulating To Get Pregnant?
Definitely, ovulation is necessary because when ovulation takes place, egg comes in the fallopian tube and combination of sperm and egg result in to pregnancy. Ovulation usually occurs at mid of the cycle. But some ladies can have this ovul…
Can a woman still get pregnant even if she’s not ovulating??
Well, I would think not, considering that without the egg, there IS nothing to fertilize. But like someone else said, it is possible that the sperm live long enough inside you to meet the egg when you actually do ovulate, and unless you’re …

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How is it possile to get pregnant during your period? If women Ovulate approx. 14 days earlier?
Q: I’m asking this because of an answer I recieved from a previous question I asked about When I ovulate. 14 days before my next period, which apparently all women do from 10 to 16 days or so. But how is it that, when I google. I see that many women have become pregnant during thier period. How does this work with out the ovulation?
A: Not all women ovulate two weeks before/after their period. Sperm can also live for about a week if conditions are right. Especially if a woman has an irregular period, that can be a sign that ovulation is often irregular and might not occur at the “textbook” time. Even if women have very regular periods, ovulation can also occur at a different time. Therefore, unprotected sex during your period is never safe as a method of birth control.Hope this helps!
How soon can you get pregnant? And do women ovulate every month?
Q: My boyfriend and i have just decided to try for a baby. So i just finished my period and i’m ready to baby dance.So how soon can you get pregnant?? And do women ovulate every month?
A: Most woman ovulate every month usually within 2 weeks after their period, so now would be the ideal time to try it out, another thing you can try is getting an ovulation predictor kit, then you can find out your ovulation date, and try again then, Good Luck and Happy Baby Making!
Do some women ovulate and get pregnant at the end of thier period?
Q: I had sex at the end of my cycke last month and am now having mild preg symptoms. People keep saying that maybe it’s stress. Took 2 hpt both said negative. Is it possiblr that I concieved at the end of cycle and could be. Would really like to be, so please advise.
A: it’s possible. Not everyone ovulates at that same time each month and not everyone ovulates right in the middle of your cycle. I ovulate 2x a month and it’s never the same time eacj month. So anything is possible. I got pregnant just fine!! Good Luck!
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