Do you gain weight when you’re pregnant

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Yes! It varies from woman to woman. Some may only gain 25lbs, and others may gain 40+. Your Dr can tell you whats best for you. [ Source: ]
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Do you have to gain weight when you are pregnant??
Yes you have to gain weight. You are growing a person inside of you so you will at least gain however much the baby weighs. Just because you’re pregnant(not right now, but later) does not mean you have to eat everything in sight. I only gai…
Why do you gain weight when you’re pregnant’re-pregnant
The reason a woman gains weight when pregnant is, the water the baby’s in ,the baby and that’s about12 and more then we eat more.
What is the average weight you gain when you’re pregnant?
Everyone is different, like you said, so it varies. Hormones, eating habits, and exercise naturally all will play some part in it. However, the average recommended weight gain is about 15-30 lbs, depending on your starting weight. I gained …

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Do prenatal vitamins make you gain weight when you’re not pregnant?
Q: I am considering taking prenatal vitamins because I was told they are great for aiding in faster hair growth, and overall health of skin and nails…but I’ve also heard that they can make you gain excess weight. Just to clear things up, I’m not pregnant, but I was researching the pros and cons of prenatal vitamins for women who are not pregnant.
A: Each woman is different, but I take them and I am in great shape. They have perfect amount of vitamins to help your organs which promote over all health. If you work out and eat right and take them you should be fine. I personally think they are better then regular vitamins. They gave me the hour glass shape. It depneds on what you want to ahcieve body wise.
What is the average weight you gain when you’re pregnant?
Q: I know it varies but I’m 120 with an athletic body how much weight do you think I will gain!?
A: 25-35 pounds is recommended for a person who is not over weight or under weight to begin with.
If you’re overweight when you get pregnant, can you not gain weight and still have a healthy pregnancy?
Q: I might be pregnant and am about 60 lbs overweight. My blood pressure is borderline high so I am afraid to gain more because I think it would cause complications. If I were to eat well (healthy stuff and enough to keep the baby healthy of course! I’m already on prenatals just in case) and exercise more (I love lap swimming and you can basically do that up till delivery!) would it be possible to maintain about the same weight during my pregnancy? Again I’m not concerned about looks, this is about my health and the problems that might arise with gaining more weight. I hope to do a homebirth which would be counterindicated if my blood pressure went from “borderline” to “high.”Of course I will talk to my midwife about this if I am in fact pregnant, but it would be another 6 weeks before the first appointment probably so if you have a good answer please share it! “Ask your doctor” answers are not helpful, just don’t answer if that’s the best you can do.I REALLY REALLY do not want to give birth in the hospital, which is why I want to do everything I can to keep my blood pressure down so it doesn’t become an issue. Of course if I’m preeclamptic that would be a necessity, the goal is not to BE preeclamptic.
A: I was overweight when I got pregnant with my first. I gained all of 17 lbs during that pregnancy. I was eating better from day one and started walking, just to be healthier – not to prevent weight gain. Once I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes I stuck to the diet to the letter and I guarantee that while I was doing that diet I lost a lot of weight even though the scale still creeped up just a bit. I also dealt with the nutso blood pressure at the end. Here’s the kicker: When I went in for my 6 week check up I had dropped 50lbs and was 33 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. So even though I obviously gained a few with the baby, I actually lost weight while pregnant.Fast forward: Now pregnant with #2. I was put on bed rest at 24w 6d and up until that point had only gained about 5 lbs. My blood pressure went bananas from day one of being pregnant and it took a couple of months to finally get it under control. Now at 31 weeks the blood pressure has started to creep back up and I’ve gained a total of 16 lbs so far.I’m not sure if no weight gain is good but a small weight gain is fine. There was recently a study out that said it’s okay for overweight women to gain less during pregnancy so long as they’re being healthy. Also in regards to the BP, you’re at a higher risk of pre-eclampsia just because it’s your first pregnancy (I’m assuming). However, any doctor is going to tell you the same thing, pregnant or not – exercise is key to keeping it down. Exercise also happens to be good for diabetes if you end up down that route as well. Eating “right” and exercise are the only things (besides medication) that you can really do.Good Luck.
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