Does a girl have one more period when she gets pregnant

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Usually a woman doesn’t have any more periods at all when she is pregnant, although sometimes it does happen. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Can a girl get pregnant if she has sex one week before her period…?
It’s possible. The birth control I’m on rivals female sterilization in efficiency. Some women do get pregnant on it. If I can get pregnant with an IUD, you can certainly get pregnant using only a condom. Go get on birth control and double u…
Can a girl get pregnant if she get her period one day after inter…?
You have a chance of pregnancy ANY TIME a man’s penis enters a woman’s vagina. END OF STORY. Seems like I’ve answered this basic biology question one too many times. You can alter the chances by wearing a condom, or using alternate methods …

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Can a girl still get pregnant when the day after her sex she had her menstrual period?
Q: Hi, I am a new member here i hope u can help me with my question, and thanks in advance for helping me.Well, I had a sexual intercourse with him this last august 15(afternoon), that night I saw that there was this red-brownish color which I am not surprised to know because I knew that I will be having my period already. The next day, it started to get visible (still brownish-red but red is more dominant) . For two days, it was a heavy one and it was like those normal period days i had in the past. And then it got lighter and lighter until it was finally finshed at the 5th day. Now, i am confused if this was my period or did I just have an implantation bleeding? I usually have my period little days advance compared i had my previous month. For example, I had my period last July 8 and what happens is the next month it would become August 5 or 6. My period do usually last for 6 days or 1 week. Can you please tell me if I could still have the probability to be pregnant when after my sexual intercourse with my boyfriend when in the next day my period did begin to start.And if it was an implantation bleeding or my menstrual period?Please help me with these two questions.GODBLESS.
A: It is possible it was implantation bleeding. However, this question is kind of hard because it all depends on when you ovulate. The best answer would be to wait until next month about a week before you period should be and take a hpt. Early response is a very good choice. If you do not want to wait that long you can go to the doctor and have a blood test (those are more accurate). Good luck to you and I hope everything works out the way you want it too.
Girl Pregnant at 11?! Does She like me?
Q: Haha! JOKES! Before you freak out, please read my question.It regards DOES SHE LIKE ME? I like a girl at my school. I got her number recently and we have been texting for long periods of time, like 2 – 4 hours. I always start the texts, she never starts them, just replies. The same goes for at school. I always start the conversations with her, whether it be in math class or at her locker. The thing is that she usually tries to stretch the conversation. A few days ago, I asked her out to lunch (Monday Night) and she said yes. The next 3 days, there were mix ups regarding walking there, and we finally got out on friday. It was pretty good, but awkward at times. I definitely like her, but I’m not sure if she likes me. She went out to lunch with me and all, but she never initates contact. Like, ever. But she always replies with long(ish) messages when we text.Regarding the (How to tell if a girl likes). She never touches me, or plays with her hair. She usually doesn’t glance at me, although she has sometimes. She does laugh at all my jokes though, even the corny ones. If any more detail is needed, I will add.Does she (probably) like me?
A: Sounds like she likes you but sounds kinda like she aint sure if you like-like her. ya kno? Tell her how you really feel and just be yourself. :] luck
When did my girl get pregnant??
Q: I am re-posting the question because alot of people said I needed to give more detail to help with an answer to here it is.Ok I need help. My girls last period was on March 12. She is 6 months and two weeks according to the doctor. We have been together for three years and always used protection. On March 23 we got caught up and did not use a condom. On April 8 we had sex again but this time we used a condom. She took a pregnancy test on April 6 and it came back negative and then she took another one on April 17 and it was positive. When she went to the doctor on April 20th they said she was five weeks. Could she have gotten pregnant on April 8 even if we used a condom or did she get pregnant from the 23. Please help me
A: I would say March 23, but it truly does not matter. She is pregnant with your child. Buck up! It is time for you to stop asking these questions and start realizing that you are now responsible for a family. I understand being confused and not feeling ready but it is now time to be pro-active and think of what is right for you and your family. I wish you and your family the best. Congratulations – You are going to be a father! No matter how scary that sounds you have the strength you need to raise this child right. Bless you 🙂 and I wish you and the Mother the best!
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