How can I get my girl friend pregnant if she is on birth control

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You can’t get your girlfriend pregnant while she is on birth control unless it fails. Babies should be planned by both partners! [ Source: ]
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Did I get my girlfriend pregnant if she is not on birth control?
It is possible that pregnancy can occur without any protection used, yes. You should see a doctor and administer a pregnancy test.
Can my girlfriend get pregnant if I release inside her and she’s …?
If your gf is taking her birth control pills regularly (no missed doses) and if she wasn’t taking antibiotics at the time, then the chance of her getting pregnant is slim – like a 0.01 to 0.02 per cent chance. No contraceptive is 100% full …

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-sighs-Help! My friend is going down hill, and how can I help her? :(?
Q: I’ve known this friend of mine since the 7th grade till now (freshmen year) in college. We are both 19. My friend went to my same high school and middle school. I would call her a aquiantence but sometimes I see her more as a friend. She has this split personality. Half of her is this sweet, funny, outgoing girl and the other half is this bad ass, demanding, and can be really mean person. But her life has totally gone downfall during and after senior yr of high school. I’m really worried for her because she is in a really bad stage and I don’t know how to help her and how she could listen to me. She use to be in therapy for her split personality and moods. But that’s not the problem, the problem is she is heavily involved in drugs, smoking cigarettes, cutting,(which i saw her arm today), BOYS, oral, and UNPROTECTED sex. She was on birth control when she did it with her boyfriend like last semester, and now she’s off the pill and she says she hasn’t had periods in a while. She’s been having unprotected sex and has done oral to 6 other guys. She laughed today and said I’m suprised I’m not pregnant yet and I ddin’t think it was funny. She HATES kids and said if she had one she would have a abortion. She doesn’t hold onto guys very long, they come and go, she’s always dating new guys. She told me a story once where last year she was kicked out of her house and lived at her boyfriends house with his parents, and he was ALREADY dating someone, and he wasnt really dating my friend but doing other stuff with her. She seriously doesn’t care. I’m sooo worried for her and I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I want to hang out with her but I pull myself back because I know she is a bad influence for me and she won’t force me to do stuff but she does ask me. Her friends are all druggies. Not sure if I can get help here, but any advice is critical! Her mom already knows about this situation and gave up on her a while ago, and my friend lives with her mom now.
A: she knows shes messing up and isnt doing anything to help herself so dont do anything
Asked earlier – not many answers.. NEED ADVICE PLEASE!!?
Q: Me, my BF Jake, my best guy friend TJ and his GF Ashley (who is my BF’s best girl friend) all went to the beach over a weekend nearly 2 months ago. Anyway, the last night we all went out to a club a couple blocks from the hotel and this lady was taking like 5 drinks back to her friends. She couldn’t hold them all and she spilled them on me and TJ. We left our significant others there to come back to the room. I had had a headache all day anyway so I was just going to stay. TJ hadn’t wanted to go in the first place so he said he’d keep me company. Ashley and Jake said they’d be up there in a couple hours. On our way up the elevator, a couple of vacationing families were going up too so me and TJ ended up scrunched face to face (or more like face to chest – he’s quite a bit taller).. We got off and went to the suite (it was a 2 bedroom). He went to his room to change and I went to mine. I put on my PJs (tank top and shorts). I came back out to the living room. He came out in shorts. I was lying on the couch. He tried to get me to move and let him sit down.. I wouldn’t get up lol I told him to sit in the chair.. He told me he would just lay on top of me then. I told him to go ahead and he did! He laid down facing me. I laughed but he didn’t get up. We kissed. And kissed some more.. One thing led to another and soon he was carrying me to his room. We ended up having sex. As bad as it was for us to do, it was the best I had ever had. So I go shower after and when I get out Jake and Ashley are back. Neither of us said anything about it to them. We actually didn’t bring it up again. I feel horrible about doing it, but its done, and I didn’t want to ruin my relationship with Jake by bringing it up.. Except now I know things are going to have to come out because I found out Monday morning that I’m pregnant. It could only be TJ’s b/c Jake had a dirt bike accident when he was a teenager which caused him to be infertile. He can’t have kids. I wasn’t on birth control for this reason. It never even crossed my mind when I was w/ TJ to use anything.. I told TJ about it yesterday and he’s happy to be a dad. Now we have to tell Jake. I don’t know how to go about doing it though. TJ said he would help me break the news. He broke up w/ Ashley 3 weeks after we got back. She told Jake that TJ told her he had met someone else. I’m thinking that he was referring to me but I’m not sure. He hasn’t been on any dates since then. I care about Jake a lot but if TJ would want to be with me I would like to give it a shot. Not just for the baby. I’m going to talk to him about it again. If he does want to try something, should I break up with Jake and give him the same reason that TJ gave Ashley, that I met someone else? Or should I tell him about the baby and everything? I don’t want to hurt him more than I have to and that would. Cause he wants kids but can’t have them. If we split and go our separate ways, it isn’t likely I would see him b/c we live in the same city but on different sides.. So it’s a 30 minute drive to where he lives pretty much.. I don’t know what to do.. Should I try to work things out with Jake if TJ doesn’t want a relationship? If TJ does want to date, should I tell Jake about the baby or just tell him I’ve met someone else and spare him the details?? I need advice please.. And please don’t answer if you’re going to be mean. Don’t comment on me as a person, because I know I cheated and I know it was wrong. Don’t call me a slut or a whore either. You don’t know me so you can’t judge..
A: There are no good answers. Cause and effect! Fess up and go on with your life, what else is there to do???
How to help a friend, that seems to have no hope left for herself and her situation?
Q: I have a friend that I have known for 13 years. We have always been very close and still are, we can call each other for anything. Recently she has been telling me that she is tired of “trying” to please everyone in her life. She has two beautiful little girls (ages 1 ½ and 3 months) and she is married. She and her husband have become very active in their church and often put the needs of the church above their own. She and her husband tried for many years to have a child and after many failed pregnancies she gave birth to her first daughter in August of 2007. Shortly after she had recovered she found out she was pregnant with her second daughter and gave birth to her in November 2008. Her husband had a job while she was pregnant with the first but lost his job shortly before she was born in 2007. After she discovered she was pregnant with the second daughter he got another job working about 20 hours a week, but sadly he also lost the job shortly before the second daughter was born. He has not worked since and is spending most of his time doing things for his church. It has gotten to the point to where the pastors of the church are keeping him from looking for another job because they always have something for him to do (and for free might I add). They have to report their whereabouts and activities for the day to the pastors before and after they happen and if it is something that the male pastor (they are husband and wife) don’t want them to do, then they tell them no not to do it or make up something for them to do instead. My friends husband will not go out and get a job because he is too busy being a doormat for the pastors. It has really started to take a toll of my friend and she is getting hopeless. She thinks it is never going to get any better. On Friday and woman from the church needed someone to keep her children overnight and the pastor told her to take them to my friends house, they didn’t call or ask or anything just saying “well the pastor told me to bring them to you and that you would watch them”. When my friend called the pastor to ask if this was true because she was not prepared to have to watch these children overnight the pastor sent his wife (the other pastor) to pick the children up and reprimanded my friend for not being able to keep them. Then on Saturday told her that that because she questioned him and what he said for her to do, that she was no longer the church secretary (which she also was made to do for free). Her husband is standing back and letting these people treat her this way, he won’t go and get a job to support his family because he is too busy being stuck up the pastors’ rear-ends and my friend is reaching the end of her rope and the husband will not listen to her and tells her that it is god’s will and to deal with it. I am truly worried about her and her children. All these people are doing is using her because she can be manipulated easily. How can I help her and make her see that she is going to have to stand up for herself and stop letting these people run over her and control her every movement? It’s like she is brainwashed by these people. Anything anyone could say or advise they could give would very much appreciated. Thank you.Update…last night this friend called me and said that she and her husband were splitting up and would I please come over and be with her for support. I went and her pastor shows up and tells me that I am the reason she and her husband are having problems and that I needed to stay away from them…I have been up all night and have gotten tired of trying…but still don’t know what to do…thank you all for your answers….*hugs* Amanda.
A: You are in a very delicate situation, trying to help without having things blow up in your face. Your concern for these people is commendable and unfortunately it shows how much can be done in the name of the Lord and how some people want to look the other way when they shouldn’t. But what to do? Talk openly with your friend when her husband isn’t around and find out what she is thinking of doing. While our whole country is going through tough times doesn’t mean there isn’t a job to be had somewhere, but if the husband isn’t going to look, then this suggestion is worthless. But it doesn’t mean the wife doesn’t need a life vest during this, she is in the home watching everything go down the toilet. How long will she be able to take it before she cracks? If you talk to her, try to have a few ideas of what she can do, be prepared to help her, but be careful not to be pushing her. If she does something to please you it could come back and bite you later. If she wants to stick it out, then try to be the best friend you can. Lots of luck
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