How can I get pregnant after a tubal ligation

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Tubal ligations are 99.5% effective as birth control. It would be very rare for you to get pregnant. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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If you want to get pregnant then, there is a surgical procedure to try and reattach the fallopian tubes. It’s expensive and usually has a poor success rate depending on what method of inital surgery was used. IVF is usually used in the alte…
・ 1 Consider a tubal ligation reversal. Perhaps the option that makes most sense is a sterilization reversal… ・ 2 Mentally prepare yourself for a significant amount of time from sterilization reversal to pregnancy… ・ 3 Eat a balanced di…
It’s possible, but not very likely. Your tubes would have to grow back together enough for an egg to pass through to your uterus.

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Can I be pregnant after tubal ligation performed 9 years ago?
Q: Let’s see……..I’m a week late. I know it doesn’t seem like a long time, but I’ve never been late before in my life. I’m 32 years old. I have two kids and had a tubal perfomed 9 years ago after my 2nd was born. I’m having some symptoms of pregnancy. I’ve been really tired, moody, my boobs are very sensitive and sore, my side hurts a little, and my back hurts too. I know these could also be signs of starting too……its just like I said I’m NEVER late! I haven’t been stressed or changed my diet or execercised more or anything that would cause me to be late. Has anyone ever heard of anyone getting pregnant that long after a tubal? Also, if I do a home pregnancy test how far along would I have to be for it to show positive? It’s been a long time since I was pregnant. :0(
A: Yes! I was told the odds for getting pregnant after tubal were 1 in 200. And I met a woman who got pregnant after 12 years of having her tubal!! So go get a home pregnancy test! They are acurate and can test pretty early anymore. Just check label for how soon.
Can i get pregnant after a tubal ligation?
Q: I had my tubes tied 4 years ago. My period has never been late except when I was pregnant for my other 2 kids. Now I am 7 days late. I took a home test and it was negative. But I feel really full. And ZI have alot of stomach cramping. Can someone help me? What are the chances of getting pregnant after having my tubes tied? How can I tell if I am having an eptopic (tubal) pregnancy? I feel different but I am not sure if I actually feel pregnant. I am showing some signs of pregnancy. PLEASE HELP ME
A: Yes, it happened to me. What’s dangerous is it usually is an Ectopic pregnancy(fetus growing in fallopian tube) that may hemorrhage. I was just a couple of days late. Then I started having some cramps. Not hard cramps, just like an uncomfortable fullness. Went to emergency room. Pregnancy test came back positive. They tried to send me home, but I refused. I said if everything were ok I wouldn’t be there. After two doctors checked me, finally the third did a test and figured out what it was. By that time it was almost too late. Here was the test she did. She took her index finger and applied pressure to where one might imagine where the fallopian tubes would be on your belly. She slowly pushed in with her finger and then pulled back quickly. Pain shot through my abdomen. They then prepped me for surgery. You really should see a doctor asap. Oh and be careful of home pregnancy tests, not always accurate.
Getting pregnant after tubal ligation?
Q: I had my tubes tied after I had my third child. I had three emergency C-sections all for different reasons and delivered my last baby at 35 weeks. The doc suggested a tubal ligation to avoid any future problems so we did it but I just feel like someone is missing from our family. It has been three years and I still can’t shake the feeling. I was wondering if anyone had experience with getting pregnant after a tubal ligation and how they did it (tubal reversal or in vitro fertilization)? We are also looking at adopting, so if you have any experience there that would be great! Thanks!
A: My mom had her tubes tied after she had my older brother. He was 7 when she found out she was pregnant with me. Of course, that was back in the early 80’s, so tubal ligation procedures have probably become more airtight since then. You can always see if you can get a reversal, which I have heard are expensive, but if you want another child then it would probably be worth it. Good luck!
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