How do doctors find out how far along a pregnant women is

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Doctors calculate due date based on 1st day of last period. Your baby was conceived about 14 days after 1st day of last period. [ Source: ]
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How do doctors find out how far along a pregnant women is
Doctors calculate due date based on 1st day of last period. Your baby was conceived about 14 days after 1st day of last period.

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When did you find out? (women only)?
Q: Hi I’m GABRIEL and I know I’m sounding typical but shit happens. Did anyone find out late in the game that they were pregnant because a pregnancy test didn’t confirm it? I missed my third period today. I can’t get a positive pregnancy test and I’m horrified about going to the doctor because I’ve been reading about some of the things that can be wrong if you’re not pregnant. My periods are always regular….and I’ve been feeling pretty crappy lately….How far along were you when you discovered you were pregnant. What took so long for your pregnancy to be discovered? How did things turn out? I’m 18 years old, engaged to be married, and I’m a college freshman…thanksSo not white trash….I’m black and far from trash lord of the jungle….so don’t judge me because you don’t know me…..and trust me if i am pregnant i won’t be on welfare and i sure as hell wouldn’t get an abortion you ass wipe
A: hi Gabriel, in my opinion you should visit your doctor, if you´re pregnant the only thing i can say is congratulations girl!!!, enjoy it, if its your first time, its always little scary because its something new for you, but don´t be afraid it´s gonna be OK, in the other hand if you are not, its very important for you to be check, don´t wait no more, i know you are brave enough to handle this and much more, good luck to you…
if you got your period while pregnant, when do they do an ultrasound to see how far along you are?
Q: i got off my period a week after i went for a pregnancy test and recieved a positive result. the reason for the pregnancy test was because i was having brown vaginal discharge. I went to the doctors and he confirmed that i was pregnant and my first ultra sound is in january. When i found out i was pregnant it was September 23rd. I dont know how far along i am or when my due date is. I am still in high school and i graduate this year in June and im either due in may or june and i kind of need to know my due date. Expecially since it is a high change that my baby will be born premature. How do i get in to get an ultra sound sooner. I have heard that usually woman that bleed while pregnant usually get an ultrasound done sooner because they are considered a high risk pregnancy ( I dont need any speeches about “dont have sex unless you are ready for the responsibility of having a child” i am not complaining that i am pregnant. I am very responsible and the babies dad and i are getting married next year. )i am high risk for having a premature birth because all of my moms children were premature and then my sisters child was premature. My doctor knows about it but he then gave me the ultrasound for january 25th
A: Tell your doctor that you’ve been bleeding on and off and are not sure when you conceived (even if you do know). Your doctor will do one of two things 1. give you a blood test to check the hormone levels (not accurate), or 2. give you an ultrasound.Insist on an ultrasound or find another doctor. When I was uncertain of the conception date of my last pregnancy I was able to get an ultrasound in the office within a week. It was determined that I was six weeks pregnant.
any pregnant women out there who are also recovering anorexics…..?
Q: how do you deal with the negative self feelings surrounding weight gain during pregnancy? I am 23 weeks along and have started having the old familiar feelings. For the record, I am eating healthy and correctly for a pregnant woman and have gained close to 15 lbs so far, which my doctor says is right on track, but emotionally i am beginning to unwind about this weight gain and want to know any suggestions for curbing those bad feelings. Also if you have had a child already, what did you do afterwards to stay out of starvation mode…i find myself already making mental menu plans for when I have the baby that involve very little nourishment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
A: I had problems in high school and for about 10 years afterwards with eating/body image. When I became pg it was extremely hard for me to want to eat. I had NO appetite and my husband would want me to eat. I finally told myself I had to eat well because I couldn’t stand the thought of my baby coming out and not being healthy. I figured once the baby was out if I wanted to be a little obsessive about exercising then fine. However, if you over do it and want to breast feed that can be affected – quantity etc.. Everything I’ve read says you should talk to you doctor as well about this. Try to remind yourself that you are supposed to gain weight and this is just being healthy. I know this seems simplistic but it can work. After I had my child I gained my appetite back with a vengeance partly because I as on meds that helped that (prednisone). I had to curb that by going into diet mode but I focused on healthy things like vegetables and fruits, potatoes, rice or pasta without fatty stuff on it and I tried to walk. The weight doesn’t come off immediately but you can make definite progress if you remember this. I did end up losing the baby fat finally. You HAVE to nourish your body so you can nourish your baby.
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