How likely is it to get pregnant when you’re on NuvaRing

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Nuvaring claims to be over 99 percent effective. Thanks for using ChaCha and have a wonderful day. [ Source: ]
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How likely is it to get pregnant when you’re on NuvaRing’re-on-nuvaring
Nuvaring claims to be over 99 percent effective. Thanks for using ChaCha and have a wonderful day.

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Q: I went to Planned Parenthood for birth control and got NuvaRing. The doctor told me it was not necessary to have a period more than 4 times per year, and advised me that I should just use NuvaRing for 3 months straight as my prescription would last longer and cost me less money. I’m broke–cheap is good. So I used ONE NuvaRing for three months. I expected to miss 2 periods doing this (take it out for the third). I missed 4 periods. I just had my 5th “period”–it only lasted 2 days. My breasts have been swollen for weeks. They have been much perkier than usual, and extraordinarily sensitive and painful (walking in the cold hurts, putting on/taking off a bra hurts, walking without a bra hurts, EVERYTHING hurts!). Only this week have my boobs stopped hurting, but they’re still big and feel like water balloons. I was sick around the time I was expecting my 3rd period (seemed like a flu bug) and the doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong. I threw up once then and had some nausea. I don’t know if I’ve gained any weight other than my boobs. I’ve had cramps on and off. I have also had spurts of moodiness or been over-emotional (my boyfriend laughed at how off-tune we both were when singing, and I had to leave the room so I didn’t cry. Very unlike me).I have always had regular periods, an average of 4-5 days long each, with minimal PMS symptoms. I thought that I was missing all of these periods due to hormonal withdrawal from being on NuvaRing 3 months straight. But I called Planned Parenthood and they said a) there must have been some miscommunication b/c you’re not supposed to leave one ring in any longer than 1 month and b) that hormonal withdrawal would be nearly impossible b/c the ring only has enough hormones for 1 month at most. So that would mean that I was off birth control since late July, and didn’t have a period until this week (if you can call it a period…). Oh, and since I didn’t know I wasn’t protected, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for 2 months (using condoms now.) Lastly, Planned Parenthood says I am more than likely pregnant, but 3 at-home pregnancy tests have said I am not. WTF is going on???I actually had the NuvaRing info in hand when my doctor told me this and I asked why what she said didn’t match up with the product usage description. She said it was fine and that the NuvaRing people were just playing it safe. I asked if she was sure, and she said yes. I know I should have listened to my intuition, but as broke as I am, my wallet spoke louder. The local Planned Parenthood doesn’t ask for your economic status or anything. It just asks for insurance, which doesn’t cover birth control. I have actually been surprised at how expensive their services are, considering they are supposed to be the cheap/free option.
A: You should have read the paperwork that comes with NuvaRing. And if you did not recieve it, you should have looked it up online. Didn’t three months of using the same ring sound a bit strange to you? Plus, Planned PH will let you purchase the birth control at a low cost or give it to you for free if you are low income. You should file a complaint about that doctor giving out false information about using the NuvaRing.
Pregnancy and false negatives?
Q: Alright. So I’m not entirely sure what I’m asking here, maybe just..some opinions.I’m on the NuvaRing and take it properly.I had sex on the 6th in july, 3 times. He didn’t finish inside me any of the times, once was anal and the last 2 times we finished with a blow job. I think this is pretty low risk, isn’t it? I know sometimes sperm can stay in the urethra after sex and come out when you have sex the next time, though.. The last time we had sex, the ring was out for maybe 45 minutes or so, the ring was probably out for about an hour and a half total all the times we had sex, and I believe that was the only times it was removed for that ring-which I had in for 4 weeks. In the NuvaRing info it says you are still protected if the ring it out for less than 3 hours.I skipped my last period with birth control (bad timing, I didn’t want to have it for 2 events that were in the week I would have had my period).Then last week, I started to get nausea. Waves of it at random times. I noticed smells started to bother me. I get headaches, can’t sleep, I’m exhausted. I get cravings and suddenly can’t eat certain foods-the smell makes me nauseous. All these things freaked me out, so on thursday night I removed the ring to see if my period would come.I went and bought 2 pregnancy tests yesterday and took one as soon as I got home, it was negative. I’m still waiting for my period, I usually get it after the ring is out for 2-3 days, sometimes later. I don’t have any cramps though, which I normally get on the second day. I seem to have slightly discharge is pink, but that’s it.I’m wondering how likely it is to get a false negative on a test if you’re about 6 weeks pregnant? Should I take the second test now? How long should I wait before I go to the doctor’s for a bloodtest? If I get a blood test how long do I have to wait for results?(I’m talking to someone that was in a similar situation, had sex on birth control with a condom, skipped a period and around 6 weeks took 3 pregnancy tests and all came out negative. She went for a bloodtest and found out she was pregnant-is this common? It’s freaking me out, haha.)
A: Some women don’t have enough HCG in their urine for a urinary preg test to work. Therefore, the test may come up negative all the time when you really are infact pregnant.There are only 2 acurate and 100% guarantee ways of finding out if you are pregnant:1. Get a quantitative preg blood test done. This test checks for the HCG hormone in your body and also tells the percentage of it, which will tell you how far off pregnant you are.2. Ultrasound. Evene if its to early to see or hear fetus, the doctor can still spot the gestational sac.With a quantitative test, the doc has to send the blood to a lab so the results can take ne where from 3-5 days…sometimes a week.You can also take a QUALITATIVE test, which is done at the docs office and u get the results in 5 min. With this test all you get is a yes or no answer…it is compared to the urine test as being just as sensitive
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