How long after a miscarrige should you wait before trying to get pregnant again

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In the medical profession you are advised to wait at least 2-3 cycles. If your not in good health wait until your doctor says so. [ Source: ]
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How long after a miscarriage should one wait before trying to get…?
So sorry for your loss. Physically you only need one period but that shouldn’t count the first bleed after the loss so allow 8 – 12 weeks. Mentally don’t push yourself see how you feel.

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how long should it take to get period after erpc / d&c ?
Q: A few months ago I was pregnant with my second child, but when we went for our 12 week scan I was told that I had a bilghted ovum (missed miscarrige). I had a D&C to empty the womb on the 24th of Jan, that’s 5 weeks ago. I bled for 2 weeks after the op. I was told I didn’t need to wait before trying for another baby. I was just wondering if anyone knows how long it’s supposed to take for my period to start again, because I am almost sure we had sex round the time of ovulation and its been 5 weeks since the op, and I was wondering if I might be pregnant again?Please help if you have any info or have experienced this before too
A: It is different for everyone. It can take from 4- 8 weeks for your period to return. I had a D&C due to a missed miscarriage at 10.5 weeks. At my first ultrasound I had seen the baby and the heartbeat. At my second ultrasound the baby no longer had a heartbeat. I bled for two weeks after the operation. I got my period about the same number of days that my cycle usually is. (Counting the day of the operation as day 1.) I chart my waking temperature so I know that I did not ovulate before I got my period. I did ovulate the cycle after though. It is different for everyone. My cousin did ovulate after her D&C and became pregnant before she ever got a period. No one can tell you (except a doctor after some testing) what is going on with your body. You will have to wait and see. If you go one more week without your period arriving, give your doctor a call.
I still love my ex should i get back together with after what happened between us?
Q: i have dated this guy twice now and i very much have deep feelings for him. The first time we dated everything was perfect until my ex fiance came in the picture and told me he still wanted to be with me and kissed me and when i told me boyfriend a week later because i was to scared to tell him. he was mad i waited so long and broke up with me for keeping a secret and lying to him when he asked what was bothering me during that week. he started dateing another girl to make me jealous and later on that month he started talking to me again telling me how much he still cared and wanted to be with me and since i still cared for him, i agreed to go out with him again. he broke up with the girl and we started dateing again but i didn’t feel secure after a few weeks he was always texting and wouldn’t let me know who was texting him. i told him i wantedto know if he was talking to other girls like he did when he dated the other girl, and if he wasn’t then all he had to do was say so because i wanted to get over my insecureness. well he made a big deal of it and said i was accusing him of cheating and broke up with me because apparently i hurt him. After a while he started dateing this sluty bitch and she had him convinced he cared for her and slowly he started talking to me again first as friends and then getting more serious. I stayed with him one night at his work house and 2 days after he found out the other girl had been cheating on him with my ex fiance and was pregnant with another guys kid. she somehow convinced him to stay with her but when she wouldn’t stop talking to my ex fiance he started comeing to me tellin me he was going to break up with her for me. the girl had a miscarrige with the other guys kid and when he started to tell her they were over she told him she was pregnant with his kid and loved him. so he stayed with her for the baby and because he didn’t want to ruin anything that they could have but she was still talking to ex and then broke up with him to be with my ex fiance and thats when he was mad at everyone and anyone that he cared for and told me he didn’t want to talk to me. i figured he would call when he got over everything and i tried moveing on by dateing other people but this didn’t work and when he called the other week wanting to talk to me and be friends again i told him we could talk when i came bak to town to visit. So i went and talked to him and he is saying he has no feelings what so ever for any other girl and he still loves me and even when he tried not to it didn’t work and he can’t stop thinking about me and where we would be right now if my ex would have stayed out of it to begin with. and how he wants to get back together and be with me. he says he has changed and is a better person and is smarter. i trust him when he says all this because he isn;t one for lying. i still love him but i’m scared to get hurt again. i also know that most couples don’t make it if they have broken up before but maybe we could. i just would like some othe oppinions i know it’s a long story but it’s confuseing and i could use the extra view point. Thank you for any advice you can give me. Oh and if your going to say something mean please try and say it in a nice way if you could. thank youoh and because some people think i should have my whole life in this question you should know i’m pregnant and it might be his kid. i talked to him about it 2 night and he wants to be there either way. but i still want some one elses advice on what they would do. i didn’t mention the baby before because it seemed revelavent and on;y complicated things more and my story was long enough to begin with. if your not gunna give me advice then don’t say anything to me i already have it hard enough i don’t need to hear people talking smack instead of trying to help. Thanks again to the people that actually give thier opinions!!!
A: This sounds like Eastenders….if I was you I would leave all this behind and start fresh! Believe me, better things are coming, so you have to let it go sometimes (even ifit hurts). After all this what’s been happening between all of you, ask yourself: Would you ever trust your boyfriend again? Would he trust you?
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