How long does a woman have to be pregnant before she starts to show

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It can be differnet for every woman but the average seems to be around 4 months. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How long before a women starts to show when she’s pregnant?’s-pregnant
Most women start ‘showing’ during the second trimester of pregnancy. Around week 14 or 15 you’ll probably need looser clothes.

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If a woman is pregnant, how long does it take before she shows?
Q: I have a friend who’s gained a couple inches and has started to wear baggier tops. If persay she was expecting, how far along would she have to be to show?
A: 4-5 months
How can I convince her she’s not pregnant/okay?
Q: Okay, long story short: I have a very close friend of mine who had something very unfortunate happen to her. She trusted someone that well.. obviously couldn’t be trusted. And she was at a party and when she was out cold, he took advantage of her. This happened almost three months ago, in the beginning of July. I think she had been off her birth control for a week or two before the incident, unfortunately. The following day, she began a normal five day period, if I remember right. Also, the week following the incident (out of severe depression), she did not eat much; starving herself for the most part. She lost about ten pounds, dropping from 95 to 85 pounds. She has a very small build, being only about five feet tall. But still, this weight drop was bad. Immediately after this happened, she started her birth control (Loestrin 24) again in paranoia. And ever since it happened, she has been in tears almost everyday at the fear she is pregnant. Her periods have come at the expected times (3, including the one after the incident), and albeit abnormal, they have still come. I say abnormal because they were shorter and lighter, without a real constant flow (by her words). But a reason I can think they would be like that to me of course, would be the birth control, no? And also throwing in the fact that her periods have never been quite normal. Since the incident, she’s taken four pregnancy tests, all negative. She took them after her periods, on the chance that it was actually a missed period and the bleeding she was having was just her body cleaning itself. She took two after one month, and two after two months; again, they were all negative without a doubt. With her paranoia being so bad, she told me she is afraid she’s had some symptoms, but the symptoms she seems to have could also be occurring do to stress and depression. And I have also read that sometimes women can convince their bodies that they’re pregnant, mimicking the symptoms of pregnancy without actually being pregnant.There is also another thing, since then she has kinda well.. been drinking quite heavily out of depression. Which I know can wreck havoc on a woman’s cycle and whatnot.Now that the back-story explaining this all is out of the way, we get down to the real question. I personally, with all the things that have happened: negative tests, the periods, lack of serious symptoms, etc., don’t think she could be pregnant. I also do not think she could be healthy enough to be, on the count that with her weight loss and the alcohol. Since then she has gained some weight back, but only a couple pounds (her weight fluctuates quite often) from me pleading with her to eat.With her next period being tomorrow, she has been again panicking that her period just won’t come. She’s the one that kind of asked me to post this on here and ask. Is there anything I can do to help her and show her that its unlikely she is pregnant? I know there’s the slim chance that she is pregnant, but just from research on the matter and reading medical sites, I don’t think its big. I’ve told her the only way she would know for sure is to get a blood test but.. again just the fact that this happened to her has ruined her, I’m the only one she speaks to about it. Is there a huge risk that she is actually pregnant? I hope with all my being that the answer is a big fat no but, I guess she just needs to know third party answers. Any feedback would be great, thank you all in advance.
A: Here is some advice that neither one of you may like. GET HER TO A DOCTOR NOW! ( no I’m not trying to yell) There are chances of false negative readings. All that you have described needs to be addressed by a Medical Professional. The stress alone is enough to cause her to miss her cycle and if she has turned to alchol that is not good.Pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman and while some are generally the same across the board, many are open to interpetation. I understand that it is hard to talk to someone, anyone after what she has been through and I am glad that she has you and you care so very much. Let her know that. Tell her you are worried and that you will be with her every step of the way. If she is actually pregnant, then she can get the guy on a majority of charges not the least being rape. Even still if she is not than she needs to make a police report even after all this time ( is she is with child, they can do a DNA to prove he is the sperm donor).Please get her help. I will keep you both in my prayers.
What would you do in this situation (long)?
Q: I’m sorry this is so long. My bro has been going through a horrible divorce for over a year. This woman has always treated him horribly the only reason they married was he got her pregnant (they were basically sex buddies). He took on the responsibility of her other 3 children 100% (their bio father went to prison). At one point because she refused to work they had to sell their house and live with my parents and we all saw how h was not allowed to even be out of the room she was in. She degraded him all the time was rude to everyone. Even his friends on the police force used to joke about taking her out and shooting her. To tell you the kind of woman she is while living with my parents my mom threw away some of the kids coloring papers they left all over the floor (she never meade them clean up my bro did) she said basically “we will show her and started throwing away my parents stuff, including tax returns and bank receipts! He finally couldn’t take it anymore and told her he was leaving agreed to pay $400 in support for his child until divorce was final and support order reached. He gave her 45 days notice before moving and allowed her and her older children to keep their cell phones on his acct and paid off her SUV with his share of savings (so he could be sure his daughter was properly taken care of. He also went over at 6 am each morning she was at work in order to get his daughter and her kids off to school (really this was for her son who has a mild form of autism but she completely coddles and will often throw fits refusing to go to school).Well when he left she started following him everywhere. harassing his friends. She created an online acct to the cell phone blocked changed the password and blocked him out of the acct and changed billing address then then put calling restrictions on phone and began using parental locator service to track him. SHe got all the bills and was calling and harassing all his friends, would follow him at work and around town. She came into his apartment unannounced and hit him when he told her to leave. He has had to get 2 restraining orders against her and after that she refused to allow him to see his daughter by not contacting the third party. over the year she has been charged with 5 crimes of domestic violence, stalking, disturbing the peace and child custody interference (kidnapping). SHe removed my niece from state 3 times without court or my bros bros permission. As well as moved to a new house without notification. She currently wears an ankle monitor and has court ordered counseling. She filed a counter suit for divorce and has refused to attend the parental classes as ordered for divorce proceedings. She has no money to fix broken windows or buy my niece clothes but she can pay bail and court fines in cash, take 3 weeks off work to take my niece out of state and hire a lawyer.The divorce is finally almost done and my bro might actually be able to see his daughter again however she put a clause in the custody that states if he is gone after 6 pm or more then 4 hours on weekend my niece has to returned. this does not effect her since she is off work before 6 and does not work weekends. My bro on other had works until at least 8 pm and usually on the weekend. there are many family members who can take care of my niece at my bros house so she can be with him his allotted weeks yet she refuses. This is just we feel to mess with his visitation. Also there are some bills amounting to over 2,000 that she wants him to take because they are in “his name”. One is the phone bill she and her kids ran up to over $850 that he could not cancel or even use because of her fraud and the second a bank acct that has only her money in it (he did not close because he did not want to be accused of “messing with her money”, she opened another acct, removed his contact number from the joint acct and ran it over $1,000 in the negative. when he went to the bank and found this out they said they had talked to her and the person stated she said she didn’t care and refused to give them my bro’s contact information.In the meantime he has met a wonderful woman and wants to get on with his life and be able to see his daughter. But unless he agrees to eat the money he is not responsible for and play her game with the custody she has vowed to drag it out forever. Even her lawyer when he talks to my bro is sick of it and thinks it’s ridiculous. (of course she lied to him about all the charges it was only after he talked to my bro for the first time did he find out about the criminal restraining order)Would you just take these hits and sign the papers to get it done? An attorney already advised him our state is pro-mom even with everything she has done he would not get primary custody especially since my niece has half brothers and a half sister living with the mom.
A: Unfortunately, yes. Your brother is essentially paying for the mistake of getting involved with an unstable, insecure person.My husband’s wife had her emotional issues, and my husband gave up EVERYTHING to keep custody of his son. His son was more more important to him than the car, the house, etc.–and that’s as it should be. She paid no child support, yet he and to pay spousal support. Even after she remarried, she continued to take the money. Getting the government to stop those automatic payments in a timely manner is virtually impossible, and traditionally the laws favor the woman. My husband has been divorced from her for almost a decade, and he’s stuck with paying her income taxes because she filed bankruptcy. There’s more, too–she secretly took out credit cards and forged his name. He had to pay off that debt, too.I say all of that to tell you that your brother is learning a very valuable lesson. No, it’s not fair, but that’s the way it is. She will love it if you all protest and throw a fit because she knows she’s getting to you and in control. Don’t give her that satisfaction.Tell you brother to pick one or two of the issues he is most adamant about, and fight for those in the divorce settlement. All the other stuff is primarily drama and will only stress him out.
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