How long does it take for a guinea pig to get pregnant

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The female piggy is ‘polyoestrus’ and will come into season every 14-18 days, with each season lasting approx. 24-48 hours. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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How Long Does It Take For A Guinea Pig To Get Pregnant?
This is a ? How fast can a ginnie pig get pregnant ? You see i was taking care of my friends ginnie pigs and i put the boy and the girl together to play but they started to mate but i didn’t let them but the first time i thought they were …
Does anyone know how long it takes for a guinea pig to get pregna…?
1 in 5 female pigs have serious complications with labor and delivery. Do not breed your pig if you don’t want to take that chance in losing her!

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Does anyone know how long it takes for a guinea pig to get pregnant??
Q: i was wondering how long it takes for a female guinea pig to get pregnant like and hour, a day, a week. please help me!!!
A: 1 in 5 female pigs have serious complications with labor and delivery. Do not breed your pig if you don’t want to take that chance in losing her!
How long will until my pregnant guinea pig gives birth?
Q: Hiya, my pregnant guinea pig was put with a male exactly 8 weeks ago. I’ve been pretty sure she’s pregnant for about 5 weeks, give or take a little. Anyway, a few days ago, I went into her cage and she just wasn’t moving. She was lying flat, on her side, sprawled out. Some of my other pigs do this, but this particular piggy never lies down when humans are around. So, I brought her inside, and put her down, straight away she lay down again, sprawled out. I showed my mum and we brought her inside, wondering maybe if it was the big day, or getting close. Anyway, a few hours later, I had to pick her up to heed her as she wasn’t eating anything (Also unlike her!!) And a browny/redish liquid came out of her, could have been blood or something else. This really alarmed me, and we were pretty sure she was in labour. So I made her comfy in my bedroom. Anyway, all through the afternoon and evening she was lying down, and not using her back legs at all. I was so worried about her that I set my alarm to wake me up once every hour through the night, as I wanted to be there to help her if she did give birth because she’s about 2 years old. Anyway, at about 1 am, I woke up and felt her. She didn’t move when I touched her and was stone cold. My heart sank. Luckily, though she wasn’t dead! Anyway, I took her to the vets this morning and I’m not sure how experienced the vet was with pregnant pigs as he had to get a book out to read about pregnant pigs, but I didn’t really mind about this, as I trust this vet because he treats our dogs and stuff. Anyway, after literally 20 seconds of feeling he said there are 2 babies, one pretty big one and one smaller one. He said he doesn’t know how long she has left. I sort of switched off when he was talking about this though, too busy reading something on the wall, but I think my mum said that he said that she could go into labour soon, but I’m not sure.Anyway, she’s still having trouble walking and is EXTREMELY big, any answers are going to be very appreciated!! Thank you!Oh, and she keeps sort of panting, or maybe just shallow breathing?
A: They will eat twice as much as before and gain a lot of weight. They will also:* Lay down much more often* Drink more* May become moodyHere is the cycle of a guinea pigs pregnancy:- Week one: You wont notice anything- Week two: She may drink more- Week three: You will start to notice her gaining weight- Week four: An experienced breeder can feel the small pups inside- Week five: You will see her shape turning into a pear shape- Week six: You may be able to feel the babies yourself- Week seven: You will feel the babies move inside her- Week eight: She will lay down more often- Week nine: You will SEE the babies move inside her- Week ten: The babies will be bornShe will stop eating for about 24 hours, then the babies will be born. The birthing usually goes on for about 20 minutes. Any later than that and she will need a vet. Guinea pigs will mostly have their pups at night because it’s quiet, still and no ones around to make any noise. Some guinea pigs like to be alone when they give birth. That’s why they give birth at night mostly.Guinea pigs are pregnant for 59-72 days and in-between then, need almost twice as much veggies and fruit for the babies growing inside them. Pregnant guinea pigs need 40-50mg of vitamin C for the babies and for her to keep healthy. Guinea pigs will give birth when you least expect it. There is a 20% chance that the mum can die from birth. In her first litter she will have 2-4 babies. But on her second and so on litter she can have 5 or more and so on.After she gives birth she will be very exhausted and tired. That’s why they need fresh veggies and fruit immediately after she gives birth to get her strength and vitamins back up. Baby guinea pigs are called pups. After each baby guinea pig that comes out will be a little sack which is called Placenta. Placenta is the babies’ leavings (after birth) and waste that has come out with it. The mother needs to eat them for extra calcium for producing her milk for the babies.Baby guinea pigs are born with their eyes open, full grown teeth, fur and can consume hard foods, like carrots about 2 hours after birth. They will learn from their mum quickly by watching her actions. Guinea pigs can be weaned in-between 3-8 weeks. Male’s need to be removed from the mum at 3 weeks or they can reproduce with their mum, which can shorten her life and even kill her. Females can stay with their mum for life if the owners want. But after 3 weeks, their mum will stop producing milk and will forget about them even being her pups. She will only see them as another ordinary cavy.HERE IS HOW YOU TELL THE GENDER OF THE PUPS:MALES- Males have a Y shape with a dot in the crack of the Y (the dot is the penis)FEMALES- Females have a Y shape and nothing else (the crack of the Y is the vagina)If guinea pigs have never had babies before past 8 months of age and gets pregnant, then take her to the vet immediately she goes to give birth! After 8 months (if they have never had babies before) their pelvic bone will stay sealed and will not open at birth as suppose to, and the babies will get stuck. This can lead to death! Please be very weary of this!
How long does it take for guinea pigs to mate?
Q: I recently got a male and female guinea pig. I’m not sure how old they are but usually how long does it take for guinea pigs to feel comfortable enough with each other to mate? And how long before they’d have babies(how long are they pregnant for)?
A: First of all in order to be a good breeder you should know how old your stock is, guinea pigs after 9 months hips will fuse and mating prior to this can cause severe complications, death, or just failed mating if you’re lucky. Never breed a guinea pig you purchase from a pet store, find a reputable breeder who can gauruntee health and give you a history of genetics, lineage, and illnesses or abnormalities that have been present in the genes from either parents.Just because you get a male and female anything doesn’t give you the right to breed it and put it’s life at risk just so you can have baby guinea pigs who may end up in a shelter anyway. If you really want to rear baby guinea pigs volunteer at your local shelter and foster a guinea pig who became pregnant either by accident or someone else’s own selfish gain only to find out they can’t keep or no longer want it.Now to answer questions…Females come into season every 14-18 days, and gestation is 66-72 days, the male can be kept in up until a few days before birth then you must remove him as he will mate with her right after she gives birth, an average litter for a first time mother is 1-3, 2 being the very average.Babies must stay with mom until 5 weeks of age or longer if you can.I do not advise placing the male back in to mate, baby guinea pigs come out fully formed and it takes a huge toll on your female, she may not survive the next mating.Please do research before mating and make sure your guinea pig is quality enough to be bred, regular vet visits before mating and during pregnancy are a must to ensure she will be able to have a safe birth.Consider spay/nueter.
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