How many days after you are pregnant do you start to have symptoms

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Pregnancy symptoms can start as early as the first week after conception, but usually start around six weeks. [ Source: ]
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Can pregnancy symptoms start 8 days after having sex??
the signs of being pregnant are a month after having sex. you would know this if you missed your period after having sex
How many days after you conceived did you start getting your preg…?
i got the fatigue really early with my second. it was 5 days after sex and i was driving home from the mall and was so tired i didnt think i could make it home, the only time i had ever felt like that was when i was pregnant so that night i…
Can you start having pregnancy symptoms after about 4 days??
Definitely way too early. It’s possible even if you are pregnant that it took that whole time just for the egg to become fertilized and implant into your uterus. I would not worry. you could be getting your period, or you may be worrying so…

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Am i pregnant? Are these symptoms pregnancy? when’s the earliest i can test?
Q: My last period began on Oct 26th and lasted until Oct 30th however the last two days(Oct 30 and Oct 31) my bf and i had unprotected sex. Since then we have has sex on Nov 4, Nov 5. Nov 8, Nov 11, Nov 16 and today Nov 17, each time we usually went more than once and haven`t used protection.(we also had sex from the 21st-25 of Oct) My cycle is usually 29-30 days.Starting around Oct 12th i`was able to get no sleep, my stomach ached(not like cramps just pain)and i felt nauseous. Last night(Oct 16) i had little sleep due to a headache, this morning and all day my headache has been coming and going and i`ve felt nauseous on and off as well as having Minor tender breasts.`Oh and last night after having sex i went to the washroom and when i wiped there was a little light pink bloody fluid, i assumed it was my period but than today there was nothing, my bf also said he had blood on his member.Now im left to wonder whats going on, my bf says im sick but i know that’s not how i feel. Please help, im wondering when i can take a test and get a accurate result or what these symptoms could mean and what i should do next!I would really appreciate some advice but please nothing rude or uncalled for or comments on mine and bf decision on the unsafe sex.After last night my bf, said he had a little bit of blood on his member. i never had any when peeing though, is this still spotting?? I also have had lower back pain today, nothing severe just minor coming and going. I was also wondering when is the earlyest i can test and how many tests i should take. One more question (sorry i have so many) can i take tylenol or anything?? and will having a hottub decrease my chances of being pregnant?Thank you guys so much for the advice its really great to hear from people who have been there please keep its coming =)
A: sounds to me that you are pregnant//the blood could of been implantation bleeding since it was light.sounds to me like your pregnant.good luck.
When your first just pregnant, at how many weeks or days do you or can you start having pg symptoms? Is ?
Q: 5 days after unprotected sex to early to have symptoms?
A: Likely, if you’re experiencing symptoms now it’s because you’re obsessing, and not due to a pregnancy. However, it is possible to show some extremely early symptoms around the time of implantation, which, in a very very small percentage of women, can occur as early as 5 days after ovulation.
Might be pregnant, but not sure…..?
Q: My periods have always been the standard 5 days of medium/heavy flow every 27-28 days. Starting in June, July and this month my periods have really changed. to being only 3 days and really light….it almost isn’t even like menstrual blood. its really thin and bright red, this has been going on since june. I have been sleeping a lot. Like i’ll wake up for maybe 30mins to an hour and then before i know it, im drifting back off to sleep. I’ve been eating more….its almost like i have a tapeworm, but i dont seen to be gaining any weight. I’ve had an increase in gas (tmi, i know! lol). And my skin has been acting up as well. i cant seem to get comfortable at all when i sleep and for the last few week, and forget about laying on my stomach. As a matter of fact, it feels weird when i do lay on my stomach and after a short while i have to switch positions… it feels like im on my stomach balancing on a pilates ball or something. i’ve been having some back pain and stomach cramps. I took a pregnancy test in june and it was negative. i took one last week and it was negative as well. The other day, i was watching that show “i didnt know i was pregnant” and started to wonder. I’d like to think that im very in tune with my body and other than what i’ve mentioned, i havent had any other preggo symptoms. No nausea/morning sickness, no sore breasts/nipples, no metal mouth, no darker areolas, an increase in appetite but no specific cravings….well actually, my boyfriend introduced me to smoked oysters a few weeks back and now thats all i crave…but that could just be because they’re new to me. I called my mom and she said that with her pregnancies she’s sometimes not found out until she was 3 or 4 months and she has 7 kids including me. Im just thinking what what if im like my mom or the women on the show and im preggo and dont know it. I’d also like to think the home pregnancy tests are accurate but I’ve heard of people having negative home tests and sometimes a negative blood test. Im thinking i can go to the doctor and get an ultrasound to be definite, but Im wondering, how many of you women were farther than 2 months along and didnt know it? Are there any of you that had no symptoms? I would appreciate any unorthodox pregnancy stories. Because if i am, i really would like to find out for sure asap so that i can start whatever prenatal care i can. Thanks!I’ve also been feeling these weird twinges in my lower pelvis and vagina every once in a while…almost like when my period is due but i get them randomnly.if you were so damn smart, you would have read that ive already taken two tests and im not asking whether or not im preggo, im asking for women to share any odd stories of their pregnancies-so move around!!
A: Your symptoms sound much like mine as Im in the same predicament. So your guess is as good as mine. The thing that gets me is the major change in your menstrual. That thin bright blood may infact not be a actual period, but a discharge that some women get while pregnant. This alone could be a surefire sign. If you tried several home tests they are about 80-90% effective no matter brand or price, one is not better over the other as they all detect for one hormone found in urine and in all pregnant women. The farther along you are, I assume the more accurate these tests may be rather then in the beginning stages. If your still getting negative signs, but still having pregnancy like symptoms or more symptoms, get the blood test and then maybe ask for an ultrasound. Until you are sure take care of yourself as if their actually was a baby in there just to be safe!
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