How should you eat your steak while pregnant

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Well done is the best way to eat your steak while you are pregnant. You don’t want to make your self sick with under cooked food! [ Source: ]
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How should you eat your steak while pregnant
Well done is the best way to eat your steak while you are pregnant. You don’t want to make your self sick with under cooked food!
Can you eat steak while pregnant?
Yes you can and you should. It contains high iron levels that your growing baby needs. If you do not supply the necessary nutrients for your babys developement the baby’s system will take the nutrients it needs from your body and you will b…
Is it okay to eat a medium steak while pregnant or does it have t…?
This is where common sense comes in handy… Think about it, if its bloody and pink and not cooked all the way through, you may as well eat it right off the cow! YES you have to get it well done, that is if you care to make it through your …

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Does anyone ever think it would be easier to just be stuck in a bubble in a climate controlled room?
Q: With all the pregnancy restrictions, I feel like a friggin’ invalid sometimes. I can certainly understand not drinking hard liquor, taking street drugs, certain prescription medications, etc., but come on–you can’t eat more than 1 can of tuna per week? If you eat a medium-well steak you’ll get some horrible illness? You can’t walk past someone who’s smoking outside without causing your baby cancer? Your cats will somehow magically emit fumes that will give you toxoplasmosis? No soft serve ice cream? No lunch meat? WTH gives with that? Is anyone else sick of this? I realize it’s only for 9 months, but come on–how many of you out there “indulged” in a pregnancy no-no and actually had a baby born with serious medical conditions (or any medical condition at all) that was somehow related to doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing while pregnant? I feel almost like a dang hermit–like I should just lock myself in the house and be fed through a tube.New mommy–you’re not supposed to eat softserve and lunch meat because if the icream machines aren’t cleaned properly or if the meat is unloaded from the truck and the pepole in the deli don’t refrigerate it immediately it *may* cause you to get listeria (don’t know if I spelled that correctly, lol). I just think it’s dumb that women are being terrified into abstaining from so many things when we have enough stuff to worry about! :)To the first lady who answered–I’m currently pregnant with my third chid, so I knew what I’d have to “give up” while pregnant. I don’t have a problem with most of it, but sometimes I think the “experts” are just trying to scare women sometimes, seriously. I do indulge…with my first I lived off tuna melts, and craved medium rare steak (which I ate). With the second one, I don’t remember doing anything bad, but I’m sure I cheated somewhere, lol.
A: since when cant you have ice cream???? i eat it all the time. and you can eat a medium well steak. you just want to make sure its cooked enough on the top and bottom to avoid getting any bacteria from possible feces on the meat. its hamburgers not cooked all the way that they are worried about. i think your freaking out over nothing. you can walk past someone smoking. how do you think women in new york survive and have children? and if you keep your cats liter box clean and you wash your hands after touching them your fine. it takes 24 hours for toxoplasmosis to become present in their feces. so have it cleaned every day and dont touch it. you can eat lunch meat as long as you heat it up first. i indulged the heck out of my first trimester and my baby is beautiful and doing well. my mom ate what she wanted and had me. ithink your freaking out over nothing. seriously.
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