If a girl has discharge is she pregnant

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Vaginal discharge is normal and varies during your menstrual cycle. Before ovulation (the release of the egg), there is A LO(more) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-a-girl-has-discharge-is-she-pregnant ]
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What does it mean when a girl discharges white stuff, is she preg…?
A milky white discharge is usually normal. It represents cervical and vaginal secretions that contain old vaginal wall cells.

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can a girl be pregnant if she has strechy discharge and having cramps? or is it her period?
A: No, it’s her peroid. really acting up, trust me I know. Not pregant.
Can a girl discharge while being pregnant?
Q: my friend is pregnant and she is only 15 and she doesn’t know much about pregnancy and well neither do I and she was wondering if its normal to have vaginal discharge while being pregnant?
A: When your pregnant, you actuly seem to discharge more… all the chemical changes in your body causes your body to secret. Its normal, but if it turns bloody, or super smelly you need to go get checke dout.
My female dog has a brown discharge she tied with a male 64 days ago?
Q: Hello, to give details, My baby girl, if she is pregnant would be 64 days today. I have taken her to the vet and they stated that they were not sure if she was pregnant. She is not big at all, however yesterday she developed milk and about 24 hrs ago she started to have a green brownish discharge. She is still eating, sleeps alot and now she has started what seems to be nesting. My mother and grand mother both breed dogs, but they have both pasted away. Another family member that has delivered pups said that this is normal. It is late tonight and I am scared that she has had a miscarriage and the brown discharge is the sack from a dead pup. Can anyone tell me what this maybe, how long after discharge should a pup be born? Has anyone gone threw this? I live an hour out in the country. Once she starts having the pups I know I can handle everything else, it’s just this that I am stuck on.Just spoke to the animal hospital and the lady said this is normal. That she could have this discharge for a few day. I have checked temp two times and it has been 100.7 and 100.3
A: A brown discharge is normal. If the discharge is green then you should be concerned because this is normally a sign that something is wrong, e.g. she may have a dead puppy in the birth canal and this will prevent the rest of the litter being born. I would be inclined to act quickly and get her to the Vet asap. She needs Veterinary intervention. If she tied with the male 64 days ago then she should be ready to give birth. The normal gestation period is 63 days, give or take a day or two either side.Once her temperature drops to 98 degrees or under she should whelp within 12 hours but if there is a dead puppy inside her this will hold things up.Please phone your Vet and tell him you are bringing her in to the Surgery now for investigation.This could save the rest of the litter. Good luck.
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