If she has not on her period yet could she get pregnant

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If she has not had her period yet (ever) then she can’t get pregnant. If she’s just not on her period at the time, it’s possible. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-she-has-not-on-her-period-yet-could-she-get-pregnant ]
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Can a girl get pregnant if she has not started her periods yet??
A fast answer to this is yes. It has to do with which comes first, the chicken or the egg. In order to have a period you must produce an egg. If you produce an egg then that egg can become fertilized and you are pregnant without ever having…
Can my partner get Pregnant even if she’s not on her period??
There is a 83.42% chance she is pregnant. Congrats. (How can one “accidentally” ejaculate in her?… dumb statement). Enjoy being a father ^.^
Can a 9-year old get pregnant even if she has not got her period….?
A female can get pregnant up to one month before her first period begins. So if that nine year old is about to begin her period within a month, and she has had sexual contact, then there is a possibility. I really hope there is no nine year…

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Fiance is on birth control and is late, could she be pregnant?
Q: My fiance has been on birth control for a couple months now. Last month had a normal period. This month, however, she hasn’t had one yet. She said she started the off days yesterday. She’s never missed a day. She’s worried that she could be pregnant. She’s been under a lot of stress; yesterday she was in a car accident and had to sit in a hospital for 4 hours just to find out she was just fine. Could the stress be effecting her period? What are the chances of her being pregnant? We’ve got a couple EPTs. I was also curious if being on birth control could effect a pregnancy test, or does that not matter? Anything else I can do to put her mind at ease? Thanks!
A: number 1, if she recently started birth control, that in itself can affect her period,#2 stress can affect a miss period. best of luck.
Could she be pregnant? Should we worry?!?!?
Q: Hi, Ive got a question, my girlfriend and i had sex about half a month ago and this time we didn’t use protection so i pulled out, however, im afraid that i didn’t pull out on time or even so pre-cummed within her. shes not on the pill or anything else and im scared she’ll be pregnant. Even before sex, she has irregular periods. Sometimes she says she don’t have one for 2-3 months. With that being said, she hasnt been feeling any different. Im just wondering if it’s possible for her to be pregnant even if i did pre-cummed in her? i dont know if she has or hasnt had her period since sex yet because of the irregularity but….is there a chance she could be pregnant?
A: I would go buy a test, best to find out sooner than later
My girlfriend’s period is late by 12 days, has no real symptoms yet, have been sexually active. she pregnant?
Q: Her period was last on May 19th – 21st, sexually active on 26th. She is late by 12 days now. No real symptoms but she is scared she could be pregnant, and is pretty sure she will not get her period now. I am wondering myself without a test if you could know if she is pregnant, or if the missed period is a very good sign that she is pregnant.. Thankyou.
A: The symptoms of pregnancy may be or may not be experienced by women. Which includes delay of period, tenderness of breasts, nausea and the like. But some of these can also be symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. The best way to relieve you of your worry is for your girlfriend to take a pregnancy test. Whatever the result may be….God bless!
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