Is Ashley Tisdale pregnant

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Ashley Tisdale is not pregnant, though many rumors have flown swearing she is carrying a little one. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Ashley Tisdale pregnant is a rumor dug up by tabloids. This happens every time that a celebrity gains weight the first thing that is said is that she is pregnant.
No, Ashley Tisdale is not and was not pregnant.
Is Ashley Tisdale pregnant? No, but her older sister Jennifer is. It would be easy to confuse the two – both are blonde, and both have been on Disney’s Suite Life of Zac and … more>> Tags: Hot Pics Celebrified 14th Aug 2009 by In…

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Ashley Tisdale pregnant?
Q: I found this on a website…A close friend to Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens says Ashley Tisdale has had morning sickness, missed her period, and headaches. She thought Ashley might be really sick so she checked of these signs online and found her friend might be pregnant. Ashley and Vanessa fought it over they haven’t been talking since. Is it true???
A: I haven’t heard anything. I doubt she is or they’d be announcing it on TV and all the celebrity sites.
Is Ashley Tisdale pregnant?
Q: I heard people on the Internet saying that they saw Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend, Jared Murillo went to a mall to buy baby products like clothes for babies.
A: no she isnt pregnant,,,,, thats just a nasty rumor
is ashley tisdale pregnant and the father of the baby is zac efron?
Q: answer me!
A: I believe that this is a false rumor!
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