Is craving pepper a sign of being pregnant

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It could be! All women are different. In fact, fifty to eighty percent of all pregnant women will experience some sort of craving. [ Source: ]
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Is craving pepper a sign of being pregnant
It could be! All women are different. In fact, fifty to eighty percent of all pregnant women will experience some sort of craving.

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Help Me! Am I Pregnant?
Q: My period is due today and so far I haven`t bleed at all, not even implantation bleeding ; (which I know some women don`t get) I noticed for the past week that my nipples are very sore. When I touch them they hurt and they seem to be always hard… if you know what I mean. I have been urinating more then usual. I get nauseous and dizzy almost everyday but I don`t have/get morning sickness. I`ve been very moody lately and irritable (which yes I know, can be signs of PMS) I`ve also heard that some women get cramps in early pregnancy… I have been getting cramps but they are very minor and not strong at all. They last about 4 seconds and then don’t come back. This might not be a pregnancy symptom but I have been also craving alot of hot peppers. Anyways, if I am pregnant I would be 4 weeks today. When should I test?P.S. I am trying to conceive.Also, you can see more veins on the areola (not sure if I spelt that right?)
A: You do have some pregnancy symptoms. If I were you I would buy a pregnancy test if your period is one week late. If the test is negative, call your doctor and set up an appointment. Good Luck and Baby Dust!
Am I Pregnant? Are these signs?
Q: I am 26 and have 2 kids. I know all pregnancy are different. I just had a period June 10th. It only lasted for 4 days. Last week around Tuesday, I started having sickness in the mornings, my breast are very tender, I have been craving for ice cream, chips, cheese and cookies! Thats very odd for me because I am not a goodies person. I dislike eating goodies. I also have been craving thirst of Dr. Pepper and I don’t often drink it. I have been getting dizzy a lot too. I get minor headaches but not a lot. Lately if I am cleaning I will get short of breath and start seeing yellow and will have to sit right away! I am also exhausted! I go to bed at 10pm or 11pm and wake up at 7am everyday. I am asking this because today scared me really badly. I was moving my furniture in my living room around. While i was moving my glass table I was sweating and started to get extremely lite headed. I had lost feeling in my legs and collapsed on top the glass table and it shattered everywhere. I had only gotten minor cuts, but i’m freaking out because the AC is on at 67 degrees (normally to me thats freezing cold) and i was sweating and nearly fainted. I can’t stand up for long without feeling sick!! I have already taken a pregnancy test yesterday and one of them came out invalid and the other one came out negative. So I guess what I am asking is, is it too soon to have all these symptoms? And when should i retake a pregnancy test??
A: They do sounds like pregnancy symptoms but it can also mean something else… u should see a doctor.
What could I be lacking? Im 13 weeks.?
Q: Im 13 weeks today and my morning sickness has been gone the past few days (finnally!!),Someone told me that craving something could be a sign that im lacking some kind of vitamin.I am suddenly VERY very hungry the past few days (is this normal?) Since week 6 I have hardly been able to eat.I been a vegtarian for 4 years and am suddenly craving this normal?And I never been a big soda drinker and since getting pregnant I have been avoiding it but im craving Dr Pepper like CRAZY!Am I lacking somthing? I been taking my prenatal vitamins since I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks
A: First off, if you have been a vegetarian for that long, don’t give into the meat cravings. You will get very sick, but I am sure you already know that.They aren’t really sure why people crave the things they do, but the theory is yes that maybe you are lacking some sort of nutrient found in those foods. The only thing really in soda is sugar and salt. Most meat is prepared with salty ingredients so maybe your body wants more sodium since that seems to be common in both of your cravings. If you have a diet fairly low in salt, maybe try adding a little bit. Of course I would ask your doctor first though.And of course it is normal to feel very hungry while you are pregnant. Your body starts needing about 300 extra calories a day. I also think that after you feel so cruddy for so long that when you feel like eating again, your body wants to overindulge because it went without for awhile.
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