Is drinking alcohol bad if you think you are pregnant

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Yes. Even small amounts of alcohol during certain periods of pregnancy can result in serious deformities. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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What point in pregnancy do you think is the worst time to drink a…?
a and b. That’s when things are really going. Shouldn’t drink at all really….

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Gone off alcohol. feel really bad when drinking. pregnant?
Q: Could i be pregnant?Recently, i just don’t feel like i can drink alcohol, a couple of times i have drank a couple butthe next morning i have a really sick, mixed-up feeling in my stomach which i’ve never had after drinking before (even if i gor totally drunk – which i didn’t do on these recent occasions). Is this a sign of pregnancy? Has anyone else who is or has been pregnant felt this?Also i feel a little bloated. I’m sexually active and I am on the pill, but people have been known to get pregnant when on the pill before. What do you think?Thanks
A: I got pregnant while on the pill and experienced the same thing….Everytime I would take a drink I would feel ill like I needed to throw up…finally it just clicked in my head and sure enough I was pregnant! Go take a test ASAP and stop drinking until you find out for sure. Good Luck!
Do you think the world would be better off without alcohol and drinking?
Q: Now I come from an abusive house with your typical drunk father who abuses, and I know i’m not the only one who suffers from other people’s drinkingdrunk drivers kill themselves and others, people get hangovers the next morning, people who are drunk say and do stupid things they wouldn’t normally do which may harm them, TEENS think it’s cool and that it will make them more adult-like and independent, mothers who drink while pregnant get children with some unfortunate side effect, celebrities glorify it as if it were a good thing, but all i’ve seen in hostility, negativity, sorrow and just bad things in general when it comes to drinking, I mean you’re practically filling your body with poison! I don’t understand it, I hear people say that it’s an escape to make you forget about problems but ironically it just ADDS to that!it also scars the kids of the parents who drink, also when someone is drunk they get VERY violent and beat up their loved ones and in a lot of cases even kill peopleI mean I know there is the drink responsibly rule, but I think that’s just some bull crap that the companies made up to not make them look like the ones completely responsible!I seriously think it’s stupid, a waste of money, self-destructive, and I find no reason to drink something so unhealthy for an occasion, celebration or for the ignorant reason of getting “f.u.c.k.e.d up” for the fun of itso I ask you, do you think we would all be better off without this liquid from hell or am I just out of line?yes I know about moderation, but with all due respect, too many people don’t have that self-control nowadays
A: I don’t think that a world without alcohol is necessary just people who know what the word moderation means.
Would you leave your husband if he is having an alcohol problem! even if you are pregnant?
Q: Hi I am 6 months pregnant and i am having problems with my husband he did use to drink a little bit but now he is drinking up to 16-20 beers and sometimes even more on weekends, he has a good job and on weekdays he never drinks and he is very responsible. but Alcohol is getting in our way . I am afraid it might affect my baby i feel so depressed to see him drunk and i ask him is a good way to stop drinking but he doenst care about what i say when he is drinking. He doesnt treat me bad he is a good man but alcohol seems to be getting more important i even get to think he loves beer more then me. I have never been with any other man he was my fisrt boyfriend and i cannot believe he cares more about a beer than his wife and coming baby…. i am getting depressed day by day and being pregnant is not easy believe me i cannot trat him better. But in every party he gets drunk. How can i make him stop i dont know i just get to cry and cry he sees me suffer but he seems not to care.
A: I could answer this is 10 pages but honestly I will do it quickly, YES, I would. Don’t feel scared if you think your going to have to raise the baby by yourself. You will still get money, you have your family, your religion(excuse me if there is none), and programs dedicated to single moms. Depression doesnt have to be your fault, never do anything that gets you even remotely depressed.
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